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One of Adobe’s most outstanding achievements is the way they’ve integrated their apps to make for easy collaboration on projects. There’s so much more text created today than ever before in the digital space. Copyeditors are in high demand, and it’s only trending up and up. From the individual entrepreneur to large businesses, they all need professional copyediting. The Adobe InCopy Free Trial is the best place to start collaborating.

What Is Adobe InCopy?

Collaboration is everything! InCopy is not a massive program like Adobe Premiere Pro or Adobe Audition. InCopy does a few things, but it does them very well. It allows editors and copyeditors to work on a document simultaneously with graphic designers or other professionals using Adobe InDesign without messy conflicts or the need to email changes back and forth.

So, now a copyeditor can make text changes and not interfere with the graphics department. The workflow can be seamless, and there isn’t the need to continually send versions back and forth.

InCopy also allows the user to move and work with fonts on a global scale and make documents uniform.

Why You Might Need the Adobe InCopy Free Trial

If you work collaboratively with other professionals on text documents of different types, this is the program for you. Working within the Adobe World? You almost assuredly want to try InCopy — you can track changes so effectively and easily.

If you are starting a freelance copyediting business or just want to learn one more relatively simple program you can put on your resume, Adobe InCopy might be right for you.

You Can Use Adobe InCopy Free for 7 Days here.

Adobe is fantastic about letting people try their products for seven days with no risk. And they make it easy to cancel if you don’t want to pay for the program.

Information About Your Free Trial 

  1. Adobe allows you to try InCopy as a standalone product or as part of the Creative Cloud suite of apps for 7-days for free.
  2. You must use a valid credit card to sign up, but you can cancel the trial before the seven days are over and avoid charges to your card.
  3. What’s great is that Adobe lets users have access to the full program of InCopy.
  4. It’s easy to cancel anytime.

Adobe InCopy Free Trial Sign Up Process

Step 1: Click here to use Adobe InCopy.

This landing page for InCopy tells you more about the program. You can see examples of the program. You’ll see the option for “Free Trial” or “Buy Now” at the top of the screen. Click “Free Trial.” 

Step 2: Choose Your Trial Plan.

A pop-up will appear. 

Adobe gives you a choice to trial InCopy or trial all 20 apps they include on the Creative Cloud, including InCopy. You have a choice.

You can go for Creative Cloud, but here’s why you may want just to try InCopy alone.

If you do the seven-day trial for Creative Cloud, you’ll only have seven days to try all 20 apps during the free trial. It may be smarter just to try one of their programs at a time, so you have time to experience it completely.

You may not want to wait for Adobe to update all 20 apps during your trial since that takes time. And if you don’t want those other apps, there’s no reason to pick Creative Cloud at this point.

We will assume you just try InCopy for this article.

Pay attention to the top of the pop-up where you’ll see tabs named “Individuals,” “Business,” and “Students & Teachers.” Choose the category that fits you.

“Start Free Trial” is where you click next to continue.

Step 3: Continue the checkout process.

If you’ve never created an account with Adobe before, there are two steps to complete. 

Adobe prompts you to input your email address. Use a real email address since they may ask you to confirm the email to begin. 

Click “Next.”

If you have no billing info on file, Adobe will ask for a valid credit card. Enter this, but remember that you won’t be billed as long as you cancel before seven days (which they make easy). 

Click “Agree and Subscribe.”

If you already have an Adobe account or have tried other free trials and have your billing information on file, the process is slightly different.

Adobe will prompt you to install InCopy from your web browser.

Click on the file that comes up. That opens Adobe Creative Cloud, which is also the desktop app’s name where all the Adobe apps exist and which previous Adobe users already likely have. From there, it will simply open the InCopy program if there are no updates to the program ready.

Step 4: Install Creative Cloud

For those who have installed nothing from Adobe, you’ll be asked to download the Creative Cloud app. All Adobe programs have their home on the Creative Cloud app. You can use the desktop version or use it in your browser.

If all has gone right, you will see “Up to Date” next to the InCopy app inside the Creative Cloud app.

Learn More About InCopy for Free

InCopy isn’t a vast program that takes years to learn. Rather, it’s a relatively simple program from Adobe, who also make gigantic programs like Premier and Audition that can take months or years to truly understand.

If you already have worked with Adobe apps, the layout and feel of InCopy should seem familiar to you. However, if you need some help getting started, there are lots of free resources online to learn about all the bells and whistles of InCopy.

InCopy isn’t the right program for you? Canceling is simple. The cool thing about Adobe is they make canceling their free trials easier than many other companies. You won’t need to call or argue with a customer service rep who keeps trying to convince you not to go.

How to Cancel your Adobe InCopy Free Trial

Here’s how to cancel your trial before the seven days are up. And remember, it’s not necessary to wait until day 7 to cancel.

From the Creative Cloud App, at the top right, left-click your profile picture. If you didn’t add a photo, it’s just a default icon.  

Select “Adobe Account,” the second item on the drop-down list.

This opens your Adobe account within whatever web browser you have set as your default. 

Navigate to “Plans” at top left, then “My Plans.”

Select InCopy and “Manage Plan.” Pick “Cancel Plan.” If you tried all 20 apps under Creative Cloud, you would cancel that trial.

Adobe will ask you why you don’t want InCopy. Just click whatever best fits. It doesn’t matter. 

At that point, they may pitch you once more for a discounted price on the app or another app.   “No” and confirm your cancellation. 

Not too hard to cancel, right? Remember, you can still sign up for free trials for their other programs in the future. Now explore your fresh new program through the Adobe InCopy Free Trial!


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