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Layout design can be simple. Designers, graphic artists, and social media managers are becoming more and more accustomed to using plug-n-play templates to begin their creative journeys. It allows creatives to conceptualize and begin their artistic marathons miles in, and Adobe InDesign does this best. An impressive layout is crucial for grabbing attention in a world that’s flooded with brands and images. Here’s a complete guide to the 7-day Adobe InDesign Free Trial — let’s get you started.

What Is Adobe InDesign?

Adobe InDesign lets the user make posters, flyers, resumes, and much more. If you need to create something that incorporates print and images, you need a good program to design that product. From ebooks to menus, Adobe InDesign gives you the power to execute your vision.

Adobe’s software lets users arrange digital assets like text and photos from other programs, into one seamless end product, ready for the printer or ready to upload. And Adobe is constantly releasing new updates of the program that allows you to do even more. 

InDesign developed out of the old Adobe PageMaker program, which was created in the ’80s. So the basics of this program have been around longer than many people who will use it. It’s safe to say, Adobe has a lot of experience with developing software for layout.

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Why You Need the Adobe InDesign Free Trial

You may be a pro looking to trial new software, or a novice just starting in graphic design. You may work for a company and want to increase your skillset for promotion, or an entrepreneur who doesn’t have the budget to hire your own graphic design department. InDesign is a great program to try out if this sounds like you. Or maybe you just got stuck with the task of making your friend’s band’s flyer. InDesign can help.

InDesign is about arranging assets—that’s graphic design speak for things like photos and text in a format that works. This isn’t the program for actually creating those things, Adobe has other programs for that, this is a program for putting assets together and ending up with a format that can be printed or published on the web. Think flyers, ebooks, posters, invitations, comics, zines. The list goes on.

The best news is that Adobe lets you try InDesign for free, as part of their Adobe Creative Cloud constellation of apps and programs. You can cancel within the 7-day free trial and be charged nothing.

Here’s How You Try Adobe InDesign For Free

Adobe allows you to try many of their products for free for 7 days and that’s true for InDesign. So, let’s take a step-by-step look at how you can get started with InDesign.

Stuff To Know About Your Free Trial 

  1. Adobe InDesign offers a 7-day free trial as a standalone product, or as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud free trial.
  2. You’ll need a credit card to sign up, but you can just cancel your trial before the 7 days are over to avoid charges.
  3. The free trial of InDesign provides you with the full program, not like some other free-trials which hold back on the full power of the program until you pay. 
  4. Cancellation is simple — no customer service to deal with.

Sign Up Process

Step 1: Click here to use Adobe InDesign.

This page tells you more about the specifics of the program and what it does. You’ll see an option to “Buy now” and “Free trial.” Click free trial to open a pop-up. 

Adobe InDesign Sign Up Landing Page Screenshot

Step 2: Choose Your Trial Plan.

A pop-up will display itself once you click “Free Trial”. You have a choice. You can download Adobe Creative Cloud as the free trial, which includes InDesign with 20 other programs, or you can just trial Adobe InDesign by itself. Why do you ask, would you want to only try InDesign when you can try so many other programs, too?

Well, these programs are powerful. They take some time to learn how to use all of their power. It might make sense to only work with InDesign for 7 days and then leave the other programs for other 7 day free trials. That way you can spend a good amount of time with the program without getting bogged down in learning all the programs in 7 days.

Also glance at the three tabs labeled “Individuals,” “Business,” and “Students & Teachers.” Choose the correct one for yourself.

Now that you’ve figured out your choices, you can proceed by clicking the button at the bottom that says “Start free trial.”

Adobe InDesign Free Trial Plans Screenshot

Step 3: Continue the check-out process.

There are two steps to complete the check-out screen. First, you’ll be prompted to input your email address. Make sure you have access to this email since you’ll need it for managing your Adobe account. Once you’ve typed in your email, click “Next.”

If you have already used an Adobe product before, or done one of their free trials, you can use the email you already have an account for. You may already have billing info on file with them if this is the case.

If that’s true, you will click on “Agree and Subscribe”. You are still only signing up for the free trial.

If this is your first time using an Adobe product or you have tried none of their free trials before, you see a similar checkout page. But, here you need to enter your credit card information and then you can press, “Agree and Subscribe”.

If you already had an Adobe account, the next page shows an order confirmation of your free trial and you can press, “Get Started”, which opens up Creative Cloud in your browser, or your desktop app if you’ve used Adobe before.

If you’re new to Adobe, to finish your sign-up process, just point and click “Set your password” on the page that follows the credit card form.

Adobe InDesign Free Trial Checkout Page Screenshot

Step 4: Install the Creative Cloud software.

Once you’ve set your password, the next page will prompt you to install InDesign through the Creative Cloud app. Every Adobe program, free-trial or bought and paid for now exists on the Creative Cloud app which you can open in browser, or through the desktop app.

You will find Adobe InDesign in the section labeled “Installed” in the app, along with any other apps you own or have trialed in the past.

Adobe InDesign Installation Screenshot
Adobe Indesign Creative Cloud Screenshot

Learning Even More About InDesign

You can do so much with layout programs like Adobe InDesign now. Gone are the days of moving images around and setting a few margins. InDesign lets you choose extremely intricate or fairly simple design choices.

You may only need a program with some simple graphic design capabilities, or you might have previous experience with layout programs. Either way, Adobe offers a vast amount of free tutorial videos to help you understand the program.

If you decide you don’t need it, canceling is simple. Avoid being charged for a subscription by canceling your trial before the 7 days are up. It’s easy. Select “Manage account” under your name at the top right of the Creative Suite panel. 

This will open your Adobe account in your browser. Select at the top left, “Plans”, “My Plans”. This page will show what programs you have subscribed to and your free trials. Choose InDesign, Click “Manage Plan” and then click “Cancel Plan.”

Adobe InDesign Cancellation Page Screenshot

You’ll be prompted to share why you’re canceling. Afterward, they might ask if you want some other plans, say no, and confirm your cancellation.

Start your free trial to test out all the incredible tools InDesign offers and get creative. The end! You’re ready to use InDesign to the extent of your creative capacity.


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