Apple Music Review: Is It Better Than The Other Platforms?

Apple Music Review: Is It Better Than The Other Platforms?

Music and Audio · May 6, 2023

As far as streaming services go, Apple Music has sashayed its way near the top. With more than 100 million tracks and exclusive features, it’s hard not to consider this music giant. But, is Apple Music worth it, and is it better than other platforms? In this article, we’ll boogie, pirouette, and moonwalk through Apple Music. We will look at its tantalizing treats, its ups and downs, and eventually assist you in determining if it’s the streaming maestro worthy of orchestrating your playlist. We will also quickly mention the Apple Music free trial offer they have.

What Is Apple Music?

Apple Music is a streaming service that integrates aspects of the Beats streaming service acquired by Apple in 2014. It offers a vast library of over 100 million songs, curated radio stations, and live programming. It has great compatibility with various devices, including the Apple Watch. Apple Music’s rich Hi-Res Audio, Dolby Atmos sound, and competitive pricing plans have made it a popular choice.

Apple Music Pros and Cons

The Good Stuff

  • Massive Apple Music Content: With more than 100 million tracks, Apple Music offers a diverse and extensive library of songs, catering to various tastes and preferences.
  • Unique Features and Content: Apple Music boasts cool video playlists, 24/7 radio stations, a 24/7 Apple Music TV video channel, and exclusive content like live performances and concerts on the app.
  • Listen To Apple Music In High-Quality Audio: Apple Music offers Lossless and Spatial Audio at no extra cost, elevating the listening experience for audiophiles.
  • Family Plan and Subscription Options: Apple Music offers a variety of plans, including a family plan that accommodates up to six people using iCloud Family Sharing. It also provides a one-month free trial and a student discount.
  • Multi-Platform Availability: Apple Music is available on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices, ensuring a seamless listening experience across your favorite gadgets.

The Not-So-Good Stuff

  • No Free Music Streaming: Unlike some competitors like Spotify, Apple Music does not offer a free ad-supported version.
  • Limited Non-Music Content: Apple Music lacks podcasts and audiobooks, which require a separate app for access.
  • Lossless Audio Limitations: Lossless audio is not available on all platforms, and high-quality files in your personal library will get converted to AAC.
  • The Music Discovery Algorithm: Apple Music’s music discovery algorithm can be disappointing compared to competitors like Spotify.

Apple Music Subscription Plans

Apple Music offers a range of plans to suit individual preferences:

  1. Individual: $10.99/month
  2. Family plan: $16.99/month (for up to six people using iCloud Family Sharing)
  3. Student: $5.99/month (for eligible college or university students)
  4. Apple Music Voice: $4.99/month (for access to Apple Music via Siri)

Generous Free Trial for New Users

Apple Music offers a one-month free trial for new users, letting you dip your toes into the music streaming pool before diving into a subscription headfirst. This gives you the opportunity to experience the extensive library of music, lossless audio, and seamless integration with Apple devices firsthand. You can see the full article on the free trial here on

Comparing Apple Music to Other Streaming Services

In the music streaming landscape, Apple Music faces stiff competition from other services like Spotify, Amazon Music, and more. Each streaming service comes with its own unique features, advantages, and disadvantages.

  • Spotify: Known for its excellent music discovery algorithms, Spotify offers a free ad-supported version alongside its paid subscription plans. However, it does not support lossless audio to the extent Apple Music does.
  • Amazon Music: This service provides a vast music library and a seamless experience for Amazon Prime members. However, it doesn’t offer the same level of device integration as Apple Music for iOS users.
  • Apple One: A bundled subscription plan that includes Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, and more, offering a comprehensive entertainment package for Apple users. It’s a great all-in-one subscription. See what we did there?

Is Apple Music Worth It?

Considering Apple Music’s immense music library, exclusive bells and whistles, crisp audio, and wallet-friendly pricing plans, it’s tough to turn a blind eye to this streaming virtuoso. While it does have some hiccups, such as the absence of a free version and a less impressive music discovery algorithm compared to competitors, its perks may tip the scales for many users. If you’re already wrapped up in the Apple ecosystem, choosing Apple Music might be as natural as breathing.

With the capacity to add up to 100,000 songs to the app’s streaming library via iCloud Music Library, it’s a musical treasure trove for audiophiles. Moreover, Apple Music’s 24-hour internet radio stations can be a fantastic way to unearth new music gems, though it’s worth noting that data usage can skyrocket when not connected to Wi-Fi.

Additional Features Worth Mentioning

Streaming Service: Lyrics and Karaoke

Apple Music provides real-time lyrics and karaoke functionality, adding a fun and interactive element to your listening experience.

Offline Music Streaming Service

With the option to download music for offline listening, you can enjoy your favorite tracks without an internet connection, making it perfect for travel or areas with limited connectivity.

Use Apple Music to Upload Local Files

Apple Music allows you to upload local files to the app, making it easy to access and listen to your personal music library anytime, anywhere.

Live Internet Radio On Apple Music

Apple Music offers live internet radio, which can be used for free, providing an additional music discovery avenue for listeners.

Clean and Intuitive Interface

Apple Music’s interface is clean, intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing, making it a breeze to navigate and track down the content you’re craving.

Conclusion: Apple Music – A Strong Contender

In the realm of music streaming, Apple Music has unquestionably left its mark. Boasting a colossal library, unique features, and high-quality audio, it’s a formidable force in the battle for your music streaming devotion. While it has some shortcomings, like the lack of a free version and a weaker music discovery algorithm, the advantages it presents are hard to dismiss.

Ultimately, it’s crucial to weigh your personal preferences and demands when picking a music streaming service. Apple Music is worth a shot for those who appreciate a diverse music library, top-notch audio, and seamless integration with Apple devices.

Thank you for reading this Apple Music review. Start a free trial today and see if it’s for you!


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