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Unless you’ve been living like an 1800s hermit for the last decade, you’re aware of the overnight infatuation with the tech industry—specifically with coding—as the next frontier. When so many of the massively successful companies today have at least one foot in the tech world, from Tesla to Amazon, becoming tech-savvy, particularly by learning to code, is at the forefront of many people’s minds. TeamTreehouse Free Trial is your foot in the door to coding!

“Learn to code” has become a mantra that answers today’s problems with a tech-ridden future. Whether you want in on the big tech future or simply enjoying learning a new skill, coding is the next big thing. Luckily, there is no shortage of services and boot camps to help you on your learning journey. 

One of the notable options in a sea of lower-quality imposters is TeamTreehouse. Are you thinking of joining Team Treehouse? If so, here’s what you need to know. 

What Is TeamTreehouse?

If you’ve ever thought about trying to learn to code or are currently dabbling in learning web development, then Team Treehouse is worth your time and effort. From beginner to advanced developer, TeamTreehouse can get you where you want to go.

The fact that it’s hard to fathom the number of tutorials, courses, and resources for learning to code available online only means you’ll have plenty of resources to reference in your learning journey. In other words, get ready to code!

How Does TeamTreehouse Work?

Ultimately, TeamTreeHouse is like many online education resources. It offers video courses and a browser-based code editor to help you practice coding while also teaching you as any class would. All the educational material you’ll encounter through Team Treehouse is high quality; a collection of in-house expert teachers craft the material with students in mind. 

You can expect a project-based approach with Team Treehouse, where your skills and practice will create real items like mobile and web apps and websites—a much more satisfying approach. 

Some subjects with Team Treehouse include: 

  • Design
  • JavaScript
  • Ruby
  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • iOS
  • Android Development Tools
  • Business
  • Python
  • Java
  • Digital Literacy
  • APIs
  • C# 
  • Data Analysis
  • Databases
  • Go
  • Machine Learning
  • Quality Assurance
  • Security
  • Swift
  • Computer science

What’s Included in the TeamTreehouse Subscription Price?

Team Treehouse doesn’t come short with offering their students benefits. In just the trial alone, you’ll have access to their expert-led video courses, a community of fellow students, progress reports every week, guided learning tracks, online Treehouse conferences, plus plenty of interactive practice sessions, quizzes, and workshops. 

How Do You Get a TeamTreehouse Free Trial?

Here comes the good part: a TeamTreehouse free trial. If you’re ready to learn to code, then the 7-day free trial TeamTreehouse offers is the perfect way to test drive this learning method. Signing up is as simple as following our guide below. 

 Important Facts About Your Free Trial 

  1. Visit the TeamTreehouse free trial page to sign up.
  2. You’ll need a billing card and an email address to sign up. 
  3. If Team Treehouse scratches your learning itch, then you don’t have to do anything further. After your 7-day trial, your account will shift to the membership you chose (either annual or monthly). If you’re not ready to commit yet, just cancel before the trial ends.

Sign Up Process

Step 1: Sign Up for Your TeamTreehouse Free Trial.

Team Treehouse makes their free trial sign-up process just as easy as they make it for you to learn to code. Start on their homepage first and click “free trial” in the website’s upper right-hand corner. 

Once you’re on the Treehouse free trial webpage, you can choose whether you’d like your trial to shift over to an annual membership or a monthly membership. If you’re not ready to commit yet, don’t worry, this information is only if you keep your membership past the trial. 

Step 2: Set Up Your Account.

Now you can start setting up your Team Treehouse free trial right on their free trial page. Just scroll down and find the form that prompts you to enter your information: name, email address, and password. 

Below that, you’ll need to check off two privacy agreements, one consenting to the terms of service and another to their data privacy policy and confirming you’re above 13 years old. 

Once finished, scroll down to the next section of the same page. Finally, under the header “Your payment information,” you’ll see a form to input your card details. 

You’ll also find a confirmation about when your trial ends and how much it’ll cost after it ends. Make sure everything looks right, and then click the button that says “Join Treehouse.”

Step 3: Start Coding!

Once you’ve made and confirmed your account, the dazzling array of courses and educational material that Team Treehouse offers is all yours. Your 7-day trial gives you access to all the goodies, from the quizzes and workshops to the leaderboard that can get your competitive energy flowing for some extra motivation. Additionally, there are some other great benefits Team Treehouse offers those with the desire to learn to code, like weekly office hours for live support (for Techdegree students) and industry interviews (for pro plan students). 

How to Cancel Your Treehouse Subscription

If you’ve decided the “learn to code” movement isn’t for you, or you’re not ready to continue with your Team Treehouse membership, then canceling is just as easy as signing up. Head over to your account page, where you can locate all the details regarding your account. You’ll also be able to cancel your membership from your account online. 

If you’d like to avoid any charges, just cancel before your trial ends. Simple!

Whether you are new to coding or already know the basics, TeamTreehouse has several good ways it can help. Comparatively, it’s a happy middle ground between CodeAcademy and (now LinkedIn Learning). There is a strong focus on JavaScript, but you’ll also learn HTML, CSS, iOS, and Android development if you get more advanced with the program.

In short, with the nearly endless courses and guided learning tracks that TeamTreehouse offers, it’s no wonder this service is one of the top choices for anyone who wants to learn to code. 

Ready to get rolling? Start your TeamTreehouse Free Trial today.


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