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Introducing Tailwind, the marketing management tool that’s transforming the way small businesses market themselves. Designed to make social media and email marketing a breeze, Tailwind offers a generative AI copywriter, an Instagram and Pinterest scheduler, and eye-catching templates to elevate your marketing game. Today, we’ll explore the background of the Tailwind app and how you can get started with their enticing free trial account offer.

Empowering Small Businesses With The Tailwind App

The Tailwind marketing app is on a mission to help small businesses market themselves like their big counterparts. Understanding that small businesses fuel economic growth, innovation, and employment opportunities, Tailwind is committed to eliminating obstacles and making marketing available to all. Conventional marketing tools often leave small businesses searching for a comprehensive solution.

Enter Tailwind.

They created a marketing project management software system that simplifies campaign planning, content creation, and targeting the right customers for small business owners, without causing undue stress or diverting attention from their primary business activities.

The Tailwind Story

Tailwind originated as a personal endeavor of its founders, Alex and Danny, who were seeking a method to enhance their own marketing strategies. The initial version of Tailwind was released in 2015, and the company has since established itself as a frontrunner in Pinterest and Instagram marketing, catering to a diverse range of business sectors. By the end of 2018, Tailwind had already amassed 35,000 paying members.

Nonetheless, acknowledging the demand for a more all-encompassing solution, the company began revamping its platform in 2019 to assist small businesses in broadening their marketing channels and reducing risks. Improving on features, the Tailwind UI, and more. Now, Tailwind is proud to serve over 1,000,000 brands, small businesses, and creators across the globe.

Tailwind‘s Impressive Suite of Features

Tailwind offers a multitude of features designed to help small businesses manage their marketing efforts, including:

  • Tailwind Create: Generate a wide array of on-brand images, tweak and resize them for different channels, and publish with just a few clicks.
  • Tailwind Email Marketing: Design email templates and complete email campaigns with ease.
  • Replier.ai: An acquired technology that helps draft marketing copy seamlessly.
  • Social media analytics: Know exactly what posts are doing well and how to optimize accordingly.
  • Hashtag suggestions: A social media marketing tool isn’t complete without some hashtag suggestions!

Experience the Tailwind Advantage with a Free Account

Now that you have a better understanding of Tailwind’s marketing capabilities and features, it’s time to try it out for yourself! Start your Tailwind free account and experience firsthand how this all-in-one marketing tool can elevate your business. With no credit card required and a forever-free plan, you can explore all the benefits Tailwind has to offer, including:

  1. A customized marketing plan for social media.
  2. AI-powered Ghostwriter for copy creation.
  3. Fast and beautiful social post designs with Tailwind Create.
  4. Automated social publishing and email follow-up.
  5. Optimization features to grow your business efficiently.

Join the Tailwind Community Today

Over 1,000,000 members already trust Tailwind as their go-to marketing management tool. Don’t miss the opportunity to level up your marketing efforts with this game-changing app. Start your free Tailwind account today and embark on a journey to marketing success!


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