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Spotify is a streaming service for anyone who likes music; which means everyone. First launched in 2008, the service now boasts over 40 million songs, podcasts, music videos and visual experiences for every user to enjoy. Let’s tackle everything you need to know about the Spotify Free Trial and more.

The company’s name actually comes with something of an amusing origin story that involves co-founders Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon, in which a name suggestion from Lorentzon was misheard. Eventually, the etymology of the word was recognized as a fusing of “spot” and “identify” by the co-founders. At the end of the day, Spotify probably means one thing to its users: endless streaming satisfaction.

Streaming on the Go, Even Offline

With Spotify Premium, users can move beyond the ads that come with the company’s free subscription, and that’s just the beginning. Premium also allows users to take their unlimited listening offline, specifying that no phone service connection is needed for mobile users to jam out while they are off the grid. Spotify’s service allows users to save playlists and songs for easy recollection, which is perfect for those particularly long podcasts, or even just playing back some of your favorite hits. So whether you’re stuck on a particularly long subway ride or headed up that one hiking trail you’ve been dying to run, your music will always come with you.

Podcasts and More

Along with giving users access to a wide range of musical and audible choices, Spotify has become a hub for all things Podcast. From political talk shows to narrative adventures, there’s a little bit of something for everyone. Going up against the lines of its top competitor, iTunes, Spotify hosts some of the entertainment industry’s leading podcasts, including: 

  • Serial
  • My Favorite Murder
  • The Adventure Zone
  • Lore
  • Hollywood in Color
  • Revisionist History
  • How I Built This
  • 2 Dope Queens
  • My Brother, My Brother and Me

… and more!

Spotify’s Podcast portal allows for easy searching, and the service often sorts available podcasts by genre, keyword or interest. Spotify also suggests new podcasts based on past listening history, so there’s always something new to see when users log in to listen to their weekly or monthly podcast favorites.

There’s even more to the streaming service than meets the eye, but with a little searching, users can enjoy audiobooks, poetry, language learning, radio dramas, meditation, TED talks, iconic historical speeches and even recordings of several space missions from NASA.

Curated Playlists, Just for You

Spotify’s Premium service allows users to skip songs without limit, which is perfect for sifting through curated playlists that the service builds for users based on their listening history. Looking for that perfect holiday playlist? Settling down with wine after work? Need a playlist that says just the right thing to your crush? Spotify offers plenty of them.

At the top of every week, new releases and algorithm-generated playlists are refreshed for the user to explore. Along with this functionality, users can also create their own playlists and choose to set them either private or public, sharing their tastes with over 217 million listeners.

Spotify has recently begun working with major brands in film, games and television to create specialized, branded playlists for major franchises like Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Marvel’s Avengers, the Halo series, Fortnite, Overwatch, and more. Yes: there are even sponsored playlists for each Hogwarts house from Harry Potter.

Spotify Compatibility

Ready to get started with Spotify? One of the best things about this streaming service is that it’s available on almost every modern audio streaming device with a wifi or Bluetooth connection; so whether you’re at your desktop, on your tablet, scrolling through your phone, enjoying some play time on your game console, or even playing from your home speaker system, you should be able to access Spotify with no problem.

But for posterity’s sake, here is a list of all compatible devices: 

  • iPhone 5 or above
  • iPad 4 or above    
  • 6th generation iPod Touch or above
  • ANY Android device with Android OS 4.1 or above.
  • Macs and MacBooks
  • PCs
  • Playstation
  • Xbox One
  • Google Home
  • Sonos One
  • Devices with Alexa installed
  • Smart TVs
  • Apple Watch
  • Garmin Smartwatches
  • Samsung Wearables
  • In the car, Via Bluetooth or USB
  • Samsung Family Hub

NOTE: There’s no specific device that you’ll need to start using Spotify, with some exceptions, such as connecting your game console or Smart TV to your account via codes sent to your email.

How to Get Started

Step 1: Click here to start your Spotify Free Trial.
Step 2: Follow the set-up instructions and get straight to streaming.
Step 3: Enjoy!

Spotify Subscriptions

Currently, there are two primary subscription options available that Spotify openly offers: Premium and Free. But, if you know where to look, that pool gets just a little bit bigger. 

  1. Spotify Free: With the free service, users may listen on any device with commercials, are given a limited number of songs to skip, cannot listen offline, and can only travel abroad with their service for 14 days.
  2. Spotify Premium: No commercials and unlimited listens highlight the best of this package, which includes the ability to listen without an internet or phone connection.
  3. Spotify Premium for Families: With premium for family, up to 5 users can enjoy Spotify premium at a discounted price. 
  4. Spotify Premium for Students: Premium for Students not only allows users to access all Premium features for 50% off the usual price, but it also includes Showtime and Hulu’s commercial plan as well. 

Start Your Membership

Choose the Spotify Premium Free Trial, and then you’ll be ready to set up your account. 

  1. Register your account using your email and a password.
  2. Once this is done, you’ll be directed to a payment form.
  3. Enter your method of payment, which can involve a debit card, a credit card, PayPal, or a gift card code.
  4. With that, your trial will begin!