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SmartSheet positions itself as a dynamic collaboration platform that helps brands follow growing best practices. The software combines collaborative tools, streamlined workflows, and savvy content management to develop a system that helps brands of all sizes. In the right hands, this can help your brand excel at automation and give you sets of templates for future business success. If you’re ready to focus on your workflows and boost efficiency, SmartSheet might be the tool for you. See below for more information on SmartSheet’s free trial.

Creating Collaborative Workspaces: Sign Up for a SmartSheet Free Trial

When you’re struggling to juggle integrations, connect Microsoft Office to your Salesforce, or create workflows that empower the smart members of your teams, it’s important to have the right tools. When you sign up for a SmartSheet free trial, you get access to a suite of tools that benefit project managers, team manager leads, and executives alike with its robust toolkit, dynamic view of your business, and streamlined dashboard. The best part is that you don’t even need a credit card to sign up for a trial period. If you choose to sign up for a paid membership, you have the option to do so at any time.

What is SmartSheet?

When you look at your standard workspace dashboard, it’s probably cluttered with personal settings, spreadsheets, new projects, and your calendar view. Though this is effective in some smaller businesses, it’s not the best approach for an enterprise plan or large-scale use cases. While it’s good to create your own template for workflows, you also need tools that give you insight into how you’re performing as part of a larger organization. Platforms like SmartSheet also allow for greater project collaboration, especially since SmartSheet offers a dynamic view of your integrations.

SmartSheet focuses on organization-wide empowerment. This starts with the streamlined SmartSheet user interface that allows easy access to personal settings, calendar views, spreadsheets, and new projects. You can also see app connectors, look at project templates, and change aspects of your SmartSheet account from your dashboard.

In today’s business landscape, brands are trying to compete for visibility while still doing so with integrity. As such, project managers, team members, and decision-makers must collaborate in near real-time. The smart members of your team will appreciate the connectors that these professional services offer. Plus, when you focus on your business account workflows, it’s more likely that you’ll see positive business outcomes.

Though SmartSheet isn’t a free SaaS platform, it does offer a worthwhile 30-day free trial to give you a look at why so many customers and business users prefer the service. If you’re ready to get started, follow these steps.

Step One: Click the “Try SmartSheet for Free” button.

Try Smartsheet for free

When you’re ready to dive into your new SmartSheet account, your best bet is to start with this button. While the homepage has plenty to see and explore, you’re only looking for the green button in the top right corner of the page. The button says “Try SmartSheet for Free” and will take you to the next step of the signup process. While you may spot other promotions or special offers, you can go over those the next time you visit the site.

Step Two: Enter your personal information.

Get Started for Free -Smart Sheet

Like any signup, you’re going to have to provide some key information to access the SmartSheet dashboard. To start, you’ll need to enter your email address. Since the email address field is currently the only one present on the SmartSheet form, go ahead. Once you’ve entered a business email address, the site will prompt you to enter more information. This includes your full name, your phone number, and a job title. You can also enter your company’s size, which is beneficial for SmartSheet to determine what kinds of brands depend on the service.

Once you’ve done this, you can go ahead and click the green button at the bottom that says “Try SmartSheet for Free” to move on.

Step Three: Verify your email address.

Smart Sheet - Confirm Emal

When you’ve clicked the green button from the previous step, you’ll arrive at a static landing page that asks you to verify your email. The page will list where the verification email was sent and provide an alternative link to click if the email doesn’t show up in your inbox. When you’re looking for the email, don’t only browse your primary notifications. Instead, go through your spam and promotions folders to find the right email. Once you’ve found it, click the link inside to verify your email address. This will take you to yet another page.

Step Four: Create a strong password.

Smart Sheet - Secure Account

Since you’ll be handling company information on your digital workspace, it’s a good idea to create a strong password. While the brand’s privacy policy, terms of service, and other add-ons work to protect user data from advanced threats, your password plays a large part in your success. Keep in mind that your password needs to be at least ten characters. Once you’ve done this, you’re free to get started.

This will take you to the SmartSheet dashboard, so you can begin to explore. This also marks the start of your trial period, so keep that in mind when you’re working on new spreadsheets, adjusting your calendar, or downloading the mobile app. It’ll help you keep track of the trial length, so you can sign up for a full plan in the future.

Step Five: Explore the operating system.

Smartsheet - Dashboard

When you’re logged in, the first thing you’ll see is a handful of templates. You can begin to track tasks, manage projects, and even develop expense reports. There’s also an option to do some solo exploration. Depending on your learning style, you may want to look around on your own or connect with educators to learn about some of the system’s helpful features. There are plenty of options, so don’t let yourself get overwhelmed.

Begin collaborating with a SmartSheet free trial.

Smartsheet - Create Dashboard

Online collaboration often seems risky, unreliable, and difficult to manage. With the help of automation and quality software, SmartSheet looks to change that. With robust collaboration tools and digital workspace management, it’s ideal for growing brands and established names. Start your free trial today.


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