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There are so many streaming services. It’s challenging to keep track of them all! Still, the glorious thing about so many options is there’s a service for fans of every niche and every genre. Fortunately, most of these streaming services allow you to try out their content before getting billed for a subscription. Ready or not, here comes the HORROR, the TERROR, the SCARIEST STREAMING SERVICES OF THEM ALL — the Shudder Free Trial!

What is Shudder?!

Shudder is the streaming service for horror fans. It launched in 2016 and expanded from there. It’s owned by AMC Networks, which has launched dozens of original movies and series.

Why You May Want to Try Shudder for Free

Shudder doesn’t have a lot of competitors. Screambox is probably the closest to Shudder, but they usually have slightly less content.

For old-school fans of horror, you’ll find plenty of classics on Shudder at any given time. From seventies Italian Giallo films to classic horror like Psycho and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Shudder covers decades of horror.

They also stream new horror films and, of course, produce original content. 

And it’s not just horror films Shudder gives to fans. They also have documentaries on horror movies and fandom, besides the original television series. 

Here’s How to Try Shudder for Free

Shudder has one of the most straightforward sign-up processes of any streaming site.

Sign-Up Process

Step 1: Click Here to Start your Shudder Free Trial

Visit here in your web browser.

At the bottom left and the top right, you’ll find a red button with the text, “Try 7 Days Free.” Click that link. 

This will take you to a page that asks you to create an account by entering your email and a password. You don’t have to add any other personal details, which is a delightful change from many sites. That’s all the personal information they ask for on that page.

Enter that information and click “Create Your Free Account.”

Below this box, note that Shudder requires you to be 18 years old if you’re signing up.

Step 2: Pick a Plan

The next page asks you to pick how you want to be billed, monthly or annually. If you select the annual plan, you’ll be billed for a year at once. You will receive a discount for this. If you choose the monthly plan, it’s about a dollar more.

Remember, if you cancel before the seven days are up, though, you pay nothing!

Step 3: Enter Payment Method

Just below this choice, you’ll see fields to enter your credit card information. There is a link at the bottom of the credit card information for a free promo code.

Once you enter a valid credit card, that’s it! 

Shudder makes it easy to sign up. There aren’t a lot of questions or multiple screens. Once you submit payment information, you’ll be taken directly to the site, and you can start getting your dose of horror.

Canceling Your Shudder Free Trial

If you don’t want to keep your subscription, it’s relatively easy to cancel. You can also cancel right away, so if you find it’s not for you, there’s no need to wait until the last day to cancel.

At the top right corner of your screen, when you are logged in to Shudder, click “My Account.”

This will take you to your account page. At the bottom of this page, you’ll see a link to “Cancel Membership.” 

Click on it.

This will take you to a page where Shudder asks you once more if you want to stay a member. Just press, “I want to cancel.”

This takes you to a page where you are asked why you want to cancel. 

Pick anything. But make sure you pick something because you need to click through to confirm your cancellation.

Then you go to another page, and Shudder will ask you to stay subscribed for a free month.

Shudder is a bit clingy about their cancellation process, but it’s easy, just a few extra screens to click. 

Select, “No thanks, finish my cancellation.”

After that, you’re finally finished. Shudder lets you watch all their content and finish out the 7-day trial free, even if you cancel early, which is a great feature. If you haven’t already, it’s time to try your Shudder Free Trial.


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