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Business · April 26, 2020


Best SEO tools in one place. How SEMrush can get you better Search Engine Results.

If you haven't Googled yourself or anything for that matter, then you probably haven't used a computer since 1998. Google is one of many search engines and by far the most successful. But this isn't about Google; it's about your website and how Google or other search engines rank it upon inquiry. If you Google the name of your business and it is not near the top, don't worry, there is hope.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the name of the game, and digital marketing is the arena. If your business is online and traffic is the primary source of revenue than you probably know about SEO. By the time you finish this article, you will understand SEO while learning about SEMrush: an amazing SEO tool that can optimize the search results in your favor. 

SEMrush Tools & Features

SEMrush has a library of tools for building your website’s SEO and keeping track of its progress. The first step in this process is knowing the landscape. Who are you competing with for rank? What are they doing better and how can you get the upper hand?

SEMrush Analytics

The features offered by SEMrush analytics reports allow users to perform organic research. This allows you to:

SEMrush Campaign

Advertising is expensive and doing so without proper research is not cost-effective. With the SEMrush advertising tool, you will be able to localize campaigns, monitor ad copy, monitor landing pages, analyze the competition’s ad budget along with keywords, and find new in Bing Ads and Google Ads. Through proper research, you can outperform your competition just by learning from their mistakes. 

Pay per click or PPC ads have created yet another approach for digital marketing experts, and with the right tools, can shed light on your competition’s marketing strategy. With display advertising reports you can simply type in your competitor’s domain name and see differences in their campaigns such as:

Reduce trial and error by learning what works and don’t waste time or money randomly placing ads. See where your rivals are advertising and give potential customers another option. With the SEMrush AdSense Publishers Report, you can find the best publisher options for posting ads just by seeing what works for opposing businesses. Display advertising reports are great for building a plan of attack before spending a single penny on a PPC campaign. 

If you are looking to research Product Listing Advertisement (PLA) placement and keywords to see what is working for your competition, check out the SEMrush PLA Competitors report. With this feature, you may research Google Shopping competitors, compare keywords, and see which keywords trigger their PLAs to appear in paid search results.

SEMrush Backlinks Info

Another key component of any SEO strategy is a website’s backlinks. If the links that are pointing toward your site come from domains with high authority, your website will likely move up in rank. Keeping track of the backlinks of your website and those of your competitors is possible with the SEMrush Backlink Checker. With this feature, you will be able to do:

SEMrush Keyword Research

Search engines such as Google use “spider” algorithms to crawl through web pages looking for keywords that are used to index the page based on content. One of the most essential analytical features used for content creation that SEMrush offers is their Keyword Research tool. Many businesses have added blogs to their sites to help their SEO by adding content with relevant keywords. This goes to show how important these words are in climbing the ranks.

SEMrush Keyword Research feature allows users to find the best keywords to use for SEO and PPC campaigns. Users get extensive information on keyword value for organic and paid research and keyword rankings. For every keyword in their database, the user will see data such as volume, CPC, trend, the number of results, and ad copies. Users may also see what keywords your competitors are using.

When it comes to keywords, there are multiple forms that are used in their everyday search:

Keywords can be displayed in SEMrush Keyword Research Reports by volume to get fat-head and long-tail keywords. There is less competition for low-volume keywords allowing a website to obtain a higher rank. Also, if you need multilingual keywords, SEMrush has that covered too. 

Thus far much discussion has been focused around researching the competition to see what is successful and what is not. One of the key indicators of success in digital marketing is website traffic. Google Analytics a great tool for viewing your website’s traffic but not your competitions'. This is why SEMrush offers a traffic analytics tool that tracks current and historical data. 

Search traffic and performance of any company’s website. See their volume, traffic source, geo-distribution, check subdomain popularity and compare desktop vs. mobile traffic ratio. Monitor your rival’s marketing strategies and activity by tracking their traffic source, their networks, the audience shared between you and competitors while monitoring their trends. 

Improve Your Targeting

When it comes to building potential customer traffic, you must understand their behavior and preferred source of media consumption. Having the right data to do so is critical for digital marketing efforts. Comparing geo-distribution, traffic source, and trends will allow SEMrush users to discover new markets. Users may also have several engagement metrics at their disposal.  These features show the average visit duration, bounce rate, number of pages per visit, and number of visits vs. number of unique visitors. 

One major hurdle that any website owner has is choosing the correct domain name, which always starts with the protocol. A website's protocol is important because search engines like Google give favor to HTTPS protocol over HTTP since it is more secure. Multiple factors should be considered when generating the right domain name for your website. Relevant keywords related to the content or product(s) of your website are needed to be included to show up in the desired search results and rank. 

Another tool offered is the SEMrush Domain vs. Domain tool. SEMrush website undersells this feature and here is why! This feature allows you to compare up to five domain names, view the competition's common or uniques keywords and easily visualize this data. 

What SEMrush doesn't mention is that their domain analytics tool is excellent for those researching the best domain name before launching their website. If your digital marketing strategy relies on SEO than you can use SEMrush as a brainstorming tool. Finding the best keywords is something that ought to be in consideration from the start.

Optimize Your Writing for SEO

Competing for the top spot never ends which is why keywords will always be necessary with every bit of content added to your website. A great component of SEMrush is their Keyword Magic Tool. This tool allows you to search for any word or phrase and find desirable keywords. They may be sorted by volume, trend, keyword difficulty, average cost-per-click value, and competitive density (competition between advertisers bidding on specific keywords). Also, view results in SERP for the number of URLs displayed following a search for specific keywords. 

New to the list of tools offered is the SEMrush Writing Assistant. Content creation is necessary for making ads and written material such as blogs. Their writing assistant can be used along with their Magic Tool to hone in on the keywords and related terms. These terms can be added to content to boost SEO. The writing assistant also helps reduce bounce rate (another SEO factor) by making text length recommendations and scoring material by reading difficulty.

SEMrush is more than just a device for competitive analysis or generating keywords. They have their own Academy where you are taught how to use their tools and can even be certified. They have a blog, ebooks, offer webinars, and also have a game for learning. As great as SEMrush features and tools are, you get what you pay for.

SEMrush Free Trial

SEMrush Pricing Offers 4 Packages:

  1. SEMrush Pro - $99.95/mth
  2. SEMrush Guru - $199.95/mth
  3. SEMrush Business - $399.95/mth
  4. SEMrush Enterprise - Contact SEMrush directly here for Enterprise pricing

All SEMrush plans include the following:


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