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Interested in the SearchAtlas SEO Software? SearchAtlas Helps Digital Marketers Build Better Organic Campaigns.

There’s never been a better time to invest in SEO to grow your website’s online presence. With PPC advertising growing more expensive every year, SEO is still one of the most affordable digital marketing channels to grow your website traffic and revenue. 

Enter in SearchAtlas, the leading enterprise SEO software platform that helps digital marketing teams build better, smarter, and higher-performing organic marketing campaigns. With a full suite of SEO and digital marketing tools, marketing teams can centralize all of the data and tools they need in a single SEO dashboard.

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What is SearchAtlas?

SearchAtlas is an enterprise SEO software platform designed for site owners, content marketers, SEO experts, and digital marketing agencies. 

With SearchAtlas, marketing teams can grow their organic visibility, track their organic performance, and scale their content marketing and SEO efforts to grow website traffic and revenue. 

With over 25+ tools available in the platform, digital marketers can improve their marketing team workflows and optimize their results.

Who Can Benefit From SearchAtlas?

SearchAtlas is for anyone who executes an organic marketing strategy, including site owners, content marketers, PPC campaign managers, SEO freelancers, content strategists, content managers, digital PR professionals, or any person who works at a digital marketing agency

With subscription levels available for individuals and enterprise-level teams, SearchAtlas is the ideal platform to incorporate into your in-house marketing or agency workflow.

What Are The Features of SearchAtlas Compared to Other SEO Software?

SearchAtlas stands out from similar SEO platforms like SEMrush and Ahrefs because it combines multiple SEO tools into one dashboard. SearchAtlas also includes Google Search Console API integrations that make the SEO dataset more accurate and up-to-date compared to other platforms.

Many digital marketers require multiple software subscriptions to access the tools and data they need; but with SearchAtlas, marketers can centralize their workflows to one affordable software subscription.

The main benefits of SearchAtlas include:

  • Personalized recommendations targeted to your website
  • More accurate and up-to-date organic marketing data
  • Full access to competitor research and insights
  • User-friendly interface and cutting-edge design
  • New and advanced data visualizations unavailable in any other platform
  • SEO project management and campaign tracking features
  • The ideal user experience for digital marketing agencies or enterprise marketing teams 

What SEO Tools Are Included in the SearchAtlas SEO Dashboard?

There are over 25 individual tools available in the SearchAtlas dashboard, providing digital marketers with multiple ways to automate their organic marketing workflows.

However, the most popular tools in their software, or those that are used most frequently by digital marketers, include the following:

OTTO – Weekly SEO Recommendations Tailored To Your Website

Think of OTTO as your own personal SEO strategist. OTTO provides weekly recommendations on what pages to optimize, what keywords to target, and other SEO tasks that will have the greatest impact on your organic performance.

  • Complete the suggested tasks and see your organic rankings climb
  • No more second-guessing what to do next – follow OTTO’s recommended SEO roadmap
  • Get a new set of tasks every 2 weeks and keep your SEO strategy moving forward
  • Easily export suggestions to spreadsheets and delegate SEO tasks to your marketing and web development teams

Keyword Researcher

SearchAtlas’ 4.2 billion keyword database empowers digital marketers to find the most ideal organic ranking and search ad opportunities for their campaigns. 

SEOs and digital marketers can use the keyword research tool to:

  • Identify search volume, cost-per-click, search intent, and Keyword Difficulty metrics
  • Easily create and export keyword lists for campaigns
  • Review keyword variations, relevant keywords, common questions, and parent topics
  • See SERP position history for the past 2 years
  • See who is bidding on keywords in Google Ads and review their complete search ad copy

Site Auditor

The SearchAtlas site auditor is the ideal tool for anyone who is interested in improving their technical SEO health or monitoring the technical SEO elements of websites. 

With 24/7 website monitoring and comprehensive site audit reports, SearchAtlas helps you identify issues on your website and resolve them before they have a negative impact on your organic performance.

The primary features of the Site Auditor include:

  • Crawl every page on your website – up to a million pages!
  • Detailed descriptions for domain-level and page-level issues
  • “How To Fix” guides for every issue identified by the site auditor with full access to the SearchAtlas Academy
  • Automated email alerts – get notified anytime an issue is detected on your website
  • Track SEO health over time – ideal for marketing agencies that provide technical SEO services

Content Optimizer

For content managers and content marketing teams, the SEO Content Assistant helps writers create higher-quality content with more organic ranking potential.

Individuals who love tools like Clearscope and SurferSEO will be impressed by the user experience and usability of the content optimizer tool. Unlike those platforms, content managers can assign, research, write, edit, optimize, and publish content directly to their websites without ever leaving the dashboard.

Content writers love the SEO Content Assistant because of these advanced features:

  • Content Scores – know when your content has reached maximum ranking potential
  • Recommended focus terms, internal links, readability, and target word count
  • Built-in AI integrations to help writers avoid writer’s block and generate text using GPT-3
  • Publish directly to your WordPress or Wix website with 1-click
  • Assign and manage content marketing calendars directly in the dashboard – ideal for content managers or content marketing agencies managing multiple content writers

AI Content Writer

Organic marketers can leverage the power of GPT-3 and AI content generation with the SearchAtlas AI Content Writer. Generate copy for blog posts, landing pages, product descriptions, Facebook Ads, and 50+ other templates.

There are so many ways to leverage the power of AI content generation.

  • 10x your content marketing output and start earning more revenue through content
  • Avoid writer’s block forever and always have blog posts and content ideas for your editorial calendars
  • Create beautiful, original images to pair with your content with the AI Image Generator
  • Speed up ad copy creation and social media post creation for every major platform

Backlink Analyzer

For digital marketers interested in link building, off-page SEO, and public relations outreach, the Backlink Analyzer is the ideal tool to gain strategic insights for improving site authority. With the Backlink Analyzer, marketers can see every backlink pointing to their website as well as their competitors.

For users of SERPstat or Ahrefs, SearchAtlas provides more backlink comparison features and visualizations to help SEOs better understand and leverage backlink profile data.

  • See competitor’s backlinks, referring domains, anchor text, and more
  • Benchmark backlink profile health against multiple competitors
  • Identify toxic backlinks and spammy referring domains
  • See suggested outreach targets for link building based on competitors’ backlinks

Competitor Research Tools

The majority of digital marketers use SEO software to get a closer look at their competition in order to reverse-engineer a similar organic marketing strategy. With multiple competitor research tools, SearchAtlas provides multiple ways for organic marketers to perform competitor analysis and leverage competitor data.

The competitor research features available in SearchAtlas include:

  • Identify keyword opportunities with Keyword Gap Analysis – measures your keyword rankings against similar websites or competitors
  • Backlink Gap Comparison – understand how your backlink profile and site authority compare to top-ranking websites
  • Content Researcher – Understand and identify what on-page elements are helping your competitor’s content rank on page one of Google
  • PPC Research – See what keywords your competitors are bidding on and their complete search ad copy

Keyword Rank Tracking

Unlike other SEO software platforms, SearchAtlas allows organic marketers to see 100% of the keywords that their website ranks for in the keyword rank tracking tool, GSC Insights. 

Platforms like Conductor and Rank Tracker charge marketers more money to track more keywords, whereas complete rank tracking is a built-in feature of the SearchAtlas software.

SearchAtlas’ GSC Insights is arguably the most comprehensive and accurate keyword and analytics tracking platform available on the market.

  • See 100% of the organic keywords your website ranks for with daily position updates – meaning the most accurate and complete SEO dataset available anywhere
  • New and advanced organic marketing data visualizations not available in any other platform
  • Automated SEO reporting – generate 10+ helpful content performance reports in 1-click
  • Easily prove the value of your SEO campaigns to key stakeholders
  • Track the performance of groups of pages or similar content with the Page Grouping feature
  • Track website optimizations and SEO campaign tasks with the Site Events feature

Getting Started With a SearchAtlas Free Trial and Key Facts

Getting started with your 7-day free trial of SearchAtlas is simple. Navigate to this SearchAtlas registration page to start the free trial process. 

To register, follow these steps:

  1. Enter name, email, phone number, and create a password
  2. Click, “Create an Account”
  3. Complete the additional Onboarding pages
  4. Access the full dashboard for free for 7 days (with limitations on AI quota)

Note that the plan will be upgraded to “PRO” after the completion of the free trial. Make sure to cancel your subscription at the end of the trial if you do not want to be upgraded to a full subscription.

What’s Included In A SearchAtlas Subscription

For users executing organic marketing strategy for less than 5 websites, the STARTER plan, at $79/month is the ideal subscription level and includes the following features.

  • Full keyword tracking for up to 5 websites
  • 40 Articles in the SEO Content Assistant
  • 2 Backlink Analyzer Projects
  • 30 Keyword Lookups
  • 175 Competitor Research Lookups
  • 2 User seats

For digital marketing teams needing more projects and features, PRO and GROWTH plans might be the better subscription level. You can review all of the details of the various subscriptions on the SearchAtlas pricing page.

Start A SearchAtlas Free Trial and Begin Generating More Revenue From Organic Marketing and SEO

With SearchAtlas, organic marketers can start producing better results from their SEO campaigns. With full access to so many tools and analytics data, marketers such as yourself will also save money by streamlining your software subscriptions to an all-in-one organic marketing dashboard.

Start your SearchAtlas free trial and see why 50,000+ digital marketers are using SearchAtlas to increase website traffic and revenue.


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