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Customer reviews are an essential part of any business. Whether you run a local store or manage a global company, customers will flock to social media and write a review to give their two cents. The Podium Free Trial helps you control your reputation and online reviews.

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But, some reviews are better than others. Some are positive, while others can be downright poor. Plenty of business owners wish they could delete a Google review. It’s crucial to make sure the reviews your business receives are of high quality. But how can your business get more positive reviews? 

Podium is a proactive messaging platform that allows you to take part in the growth of your own business’ reputation online. This messaging platform enables you to manage business communications. That will allow you to grow your customer reviews!

What Is Podium?

As any business owner knows, we are in the age of online reputations. If you’ve ever wished you could delete a low-quality Google review, Podium gets you. Never has the customer review been so pivotal and impactful in a business’ success. 

According to Podium, most customers won’t use a business with any rating under four stars. How do you make sure your online reputation matches your business’ real-world quality? That’s where Podium comes in. This company has been around since 2014! 

More and more business owners turn to Podium to improve their online reputation. It’s not surprising why. The company provides a complete dashboard with a myriad of helpful features. Some of these include a messaging platform, analytics, and the ability to collect payments via text message.  

All these features are in addition to the powerful review generation tool. Customer reviews on platforms like Google and Facebook serve as excellent free advertising. Podium helps you capitalize on this new and powerful business resource.  

How Does Podium Work?

If you’re ready to boost your business’ online reputation through better customer reviews, then Podium is the place to start. The service integrates with over 24 review platforms. These include: 

  • Google My Business
  • TripAdvisor
  • Facebook
  • Cars
  • Healthgrades

Podium is extra powerful due to how it prompts customers to leave those positive reviews. Capturing every possible customer review is just good business! Podium sends an automated review prompt when a customer completes their appointment or checks out. Even better, those invitations contain a customizable prompt. This helps get your customers motivated and off to the right start in writing their review. 

Features like this make Podium into a tool business owners need to get more reviews. Podium helps boost a business’ success through many additional methods. They claim that the average customer increases their review creation by 115%! This is enough to entice any business into giving this customer review management service a try. 

What Does Podium Pricing Include?

If you’re bracing yourself for the pricing, then don’t worry just yet. Full version pricing runs at about $399 a month and includes most of its major features. But, the company makes sure everyone who wants to see what Podium can do for them can do so for free.

The free version of this service, Podium Starter, includes most of the paid version’s features. However, it has a few limitations, such as offering a limit of 100 messages sent.  

How Do You Get a Podium Free Trial?

We know, we know—let’s get to the good part. Signing up to use the free version of Podium is as quick and easy as this service will make managing your customer reviews. Just follow the steps laid out below to get going with your shiny new Podium account. 

Important Facts About Your Free Trial 

  1. Find your way to the Podium free account webpage to sign up.
  2. You need an email address and a phone number with access to text messaging to sign-up.
  3. If you realize you can’t live without Podium, then don’t worry—the free version is there for you as long as you don’t surpass its limits. You don’t have to cancel to avoid payment if you’ve had your fill of Podium either. 

Sign Up Process

Step 1. Begin your Podium free trial

Ready to harness the power of positive customer reviews? Then head over to the Podium free account webpage. You’ll be able to check out extra info about Podium and start the sign-up process here. Find that bright blue button in the center of the screen labeled “Get Started For Free.” Now, follow its command—get started for free! 

Step 2: Set Up Your Account

You’ll need to input a few details, like your name, email, business name, phone number. You’ll also receive a prompt to set your password. Once you’ve got that done, you’re on to the next sign-up step. You’ll receive an email from Podium to the address you entered welcoming you. Click on the button in the email to get to the fun part. Click on the email link to get back to Podium’s website. You’re ready to dive into the world of plentiful positive customer reviews! 

Step 3: Confirm Your Account and Get More Reviews

Once you’re back on Podium’s website, you can customize your dashboard. Podium makes this process easy, as we all know how daunting starting a complex new program can be. On the “Welcome” page, Podium lets you choose from a few options for where you’d like to get started with the service. Choose your adventure and get started on receiving more reviews!

As you select options, Podium prompts you to fill out the various parts of your account. These include adding review sites you intend to use or adding team members to the service. The streamlined, step-by-step layout of the starting process makes diving into the best Podium offers extra easy. 

From this point on, you’re ready to gain the goodness of customer reviews through Podium. Whether you’re trying to get more reviews, respond to customer reviews, or capitalize on the importance of reviews, Podium is a one-stop-shop for managing your business’s online reputation. 

How to Cancel Your Podium Account

Podium makes ending your use of the service easy—simply stop using it when you like! Since the free version of Podium requires no billing information and never ends and requires payment, you don’t have to go through the hassle of contacting Podium or searching for account cancellation details. If you’re hooked on Podium—as it’s easy to be—then you can choose to upgrade from the free version to the full version. This will give you additional access to the tools to generate even more positive customer reviews. Head over to your dashboard and look at the upper right-hand section of the page. You’ll see the “Upgrade” button. Click it to reveal the benefits of a paid plan versus your current free version and move forward with the help of a Podium expert.

It’s imperative to get positive customer reviews. Today, social media has taken on its own life and continues to grow at an insane pace. One of the most significant indicators of how well a business will do is social media and customer reviews. If a business’s Facebook or Twitter page has positive mentions via likes and shares, it suggests that their products or services are high quality.

Why Podium is Essential

Words from customers are the future of your business. And since social media is one of the best ways to reach customers, it also can be essential for growing your customer base. That’s why it’s important to manage how you give your clients feedback and communicate with them. With Podium, you’ll have an extra superpower for harnessing the added business benefits of online reviews. 

In short, it’s not what your grandparents’ business did. But in our digital world, any business that neglects the free advertising that comes from customer reviews is playing an old game in a new world. Now if you haven’t already, get started with your Podium Free Trial!


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