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Pimsleur invites you to speak a new language by listening to audio courses for just 30 minutes a day. Pimsleur uses the famous, science-backed Pimsleur Method which requires no studying, memorizing, vocabulary, or other academic intricacies. The results come from simply listening and learning. Now let’s show you exactly how to start your Pimsleur Free Trial.

The Pimsleur Method: How to Sign Up for a Pimsleur Free Trial

So, are you ready to learn a new language in just 30 minutes per day? With the Pimsleur mobile app, you can learn a new language anywhere, anytime. When you sign up for a Pimsleur free trial, you’ll be able to listen, participate, and learn a new language effortlessly. What’s more? You can participate in Pimsleur courses on any device—including tablets, smartphones, computers, and Amazon Echo devices. 

What is the Pimsleur Method?

Nearly 50 years ago, Dr. Paul Pimsleur created “The Pimsleur Method”—a set of principles designed to take you into the heart of language via a series of audio-courses.

Pimsleur language programs are built for people who are interested in confidently speaking a foreign language like a native speaker in 30 days. By dedicating yourself to just 30 minutes of language practice per day, you’ll be able to speak, understand, and read a brand-new language. Unlike other language learning programs, the Pimsleur Method relies heavily on pronunciation from day one. So you’ll be able to pronounce new vocabulary from your target language like a pro, earlier on.

Ready to get started? Follow this quick-and-easy step-by-step guide! In only a few steps, you’ll have a free trial to one of the best language learning platforms in the world.

Step One: Click “Start 7-Day Free Trial” on this page or use this link

Once you click the “Start 7-Day Free Trial” button on this page, you’ll see the following screen: 

Here, you’ll see that Pimsleur gives you seven days to try their service. With a free trial, you’ll have access to a top-notch, audio-focused learning experience that offers the flexibility to practice no matter what you’re doing.

The best part? You can cancel at any time! Though, we’re pretty sure you’ll want to stick around once you’re conversing in the foreign language of your choice and have gotten rid of your “American accent.” And you don’t have to worry about unintended costs. Pimsleur offers the truest free shipping of all—everything is available digitally.

Step Two: Choose a language.

When you click the “Start 7-Day Free Trial” button in step one, you should see the following screen:

Here, you’ll be able to choose the language you want to learn. Pimsleur offers 59 languages and more than 200 courses. Once you choose your preferred language, you should see the following screen:

Here you’ll have the option to choose between Pimsleur and Pimsleur Premium. Remember, this is still a free trial! You won’t be charged until your seven-day free trial period is up.

The standard Pimsleur subscription ($14.95 per month) offers immediate access to all levels, 30-minute Pimsleur lessons, Pimsleur reading lessons, “driving mode” for car use, the mobile app for iOS/Android and desktop app for Mac/Windows, Amazon Echo compatibility, unlimited device access, and the ability to share your membership with three household members. 

Pimsleur Premium ($19.95 per month) provides users with everything the standard Pimsleur subscription offers plus flashcards for vocabulary review, a “Speed Round” game to test your language skills, “Speak Easy” role-play with conversation transcripts, “Lightbulb Moments” to connect culture to your language studies, and a “Quick Match” quiz to help you visualize your new language.

Step Three: Create your account.

Here all you have to do is enter your email. To make the sign-up process even easier, you can log in with Facebook.

If you decide to enter your email address, you’ll need to create a password that’s at least eight characters long and includes a lower-case letter, an upper-case letter, and a number.

Once you’ve entered your email and a password, click the “Next” button.

Step Four: Enter your information.

Here’s where you’ll enter your payment information. As you can see, your chosen plan is laid out in detail at the top of the page.

Pimsleur gives you the option to pay via credit card or PayPal. After entering your payment information, Pimsleur will take you to a secure “checkout” section. But, don’t worry! You’re not required to pay a dime until your free trial period is up!

Step Five: Start your subscription!

Now that your information is in the system, you’ll be able to start your subscription.

You’ll also receive an order summary for your subscription that includes your specific plan details and an account number.

If you signed up with your email, you should receive a confirmation email shortly after subscribing.

Step Six: Download the app or sign in on your computer.

There are several options available for you to begin learning. You can download a mobile app for iOS or Android, or you can visit on your desktop or laptop computer. Once you’re there, just sign in with your email and password or social login you used to subscribe to your free trial. You’ll then have access to hours of language instruction at your fingertips.

Once your trial is up, you can dig for more coupons and other promo codes that will make your language-learning experience both breezy and cost-effective.

Learn to speak, understand, and read a foreign language in just 30 minutes per day.

Being a novice in a language practice doesn’t have to be intimidating or indicate hours upon grueling hours of language instruction.

With your Pimsleur subscription, you’ll have immediate access to one of the best online learning sites on the web—a variety of language courses completely free of charge for seven days. Pimsleur gives you the ability to study a foreign language of their choice anywhere, at any time—which means you can jog, cook, clean, or do whatever else you want to do all the while learning a foreign language.

Sign up for your free trial of Pimsleur today!


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