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We spend tons of hours online everyday reading, learning, socializing, entertaining, working, you name it. A recent study shows that the average person spends nearly 6 hours and 42 minutes online. When our lives require spending this much of our time online, there’s no better moment to make sure that our online time is as efficient as possible. The Outpost free trial helps us tackle just that.

Particularly today, as many traditional industries switch their workflows to encompass remote work, we’re finding that our online time sometimes creates new obstacles. There’s a great option now to help you keep your online time productive. Let’s introduce you to Outpost.

What Is Outpost?

Outpost is an exciting and innovative solution to the little annoyances and pitfalls that often comes with email inboxes. This fresh new take on email offers a shared inbox and features like delegating to various users, adding private notes, using templates, auto-responses, and receiving alerts to prevent you from sending emails that have already been sent.

Email can be one of the messiest and most tedious parts of any job, remote or not. Have you ever unknowingly replied to an email twice? Ever lost an email and no matter how much digging you do, you just can’t find it? Maybe your company is just struggling with slow responses. There’s a better way to manage your emails. 

Outpost makes your inbox usage more efficient—something that’s rare and crucial in business. 

Why You Need Outpost in Your Life

If you’re not already convinced of the benefits of software that makes your life easier, we’ve got some added points that will have you converting to Outpost faster than it takes an email to go from one inbox to another. See what we did there?

Outpost is used by tons of entrepreneurs today. Simply put, the reason it’s so popular is it saves you time. Outpost takes a time consuming (but vital) part of our work lives and streamlines it easily. 

Never lose an email again. Outpost gives you tags and customer tracking to prevent any important emails from falling between the cracks. Alongside this, Outpost has built out professional and efficient metrics for you to use and measure. They allow you to track several different factors, such as the number of conversations in process, response time per employee, and response time by date. One of the golden geese left in business is the power of accurate metrics! Your organization can’t afford to do without them, and Outpost gives you that power.

You might not be able to tell the future, but with the data gathered and management options Outpost can provide, you’ll get a much clearer vision of where your company’s going and where you need to focus. 

Plus, template responses and customized inbox rules will help you declutter and save precious time. 

Here’s How You Can Try Outpost for Free

If you can’t believe there’d be anything else left for Outpost to offer, the 14-day free trial of this efficient software will leave you in awe. It only takes a few minutes to get signed up to see the time and stress this software can save you. 

Follow our simple guide to get started with a free trial of Outpost and start supercharging your productivity today. 

Important Facts About Your Free Trial 

  1. You can sign up for your Outpost free trial here
  2. You won’t need anything but some enthusiasm and a few minutes to sign up—no credit card required.
  3. Your subscription will last for 14 days. If you decide this software isn’t for you, don’t worry. You won’t be charged until you decide to officially purchase a subscription after the trial. 

Sign Up Process

Step 1: Begin your Outpost free trial.

To start your trial, just find your way to Outpost’s sign up page. You’ll be prompted to input a few basic details, such as your name, email, and phone number on this page. 

Set your password and click “Start my Free Trial.”

Step 2: Set Up Your Account.

Once you’ve inputted your necessary account information, the next few steps are dedicated to filling out the remaining details you’ll need for using Outpost. 

You’ll be required to input your company’s name, set up your team’s inbox, and create an outbox to get started. 

Sound like too much work? That’s okay. Outpost is very window-shopper friendly; you can also look around a bit before getting all the details entered.

Step 3: Get to Know Your Shiny New Inbox

The next step might be the most fun: start test-driving all the fun new features that Outpost offers. Once you set up your basic details, the next page will be your dashboard and inbox with an email from Outpost waiting for you. 

Open up this email, and you’ll get a quick run-down on all the Outpost info you’ll need to get started. This welcome email explains how to delegate emails so everyone in your team knows what they’re responsible for, how to add notes, and how to invite team members onto Outpost.

If that sounds easy, that’s because it is!

How to Cancel Your Outpost Membership

If your Outpost free trial isn’t working for you, don’t worry—they make canceling your subscription just as easy as they make managing your email. Since you aren’t required to place a credit card on file, you won’t be charged when your trial ends. 

However, if you do decide to buy a membership (how couldn’t you?) or simply want to make 100% sure your account is canceled, you’re only a few clicks away from cancellation. 

Now head over to the upper right corner of your Outpost dashboard and select “Settings” from the drop-down menu. Then click “Account” on the left-hand toolbar. 

Next, you’ll see an option in the middle of your screen that says, “Go to Account”. Click that option, and away you go to your last step. 

On this page, you’ll find all your account details, like payment information, history, account information, etc. Also, you’ll find the status of your subscription and the option to cancel.

To end your subscription, click the “Manage” option in the righthand corner of the Subscription menu, then click “Cancel Subscription.” 

That’s it! In only a few minutes, you can test out one of the favorite time-savers and productivity-boosters that so many entrepreneurs are using today. 

Enjoy your fresh new Outpost inbox!


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