Top Job Sites for Recruiters

Top Job Sites for Recruiters

Business · Sep 30, 2020

Gone are the days when Craigslist was your only source for finding local talent. If you’re a recruiter, you have a myriad of resources at your disposal. Now, it all comes down to what your needs are! Certain sites boast impressive traffic numbers, but that doesn’t mean that’s where your ideal candidates hang out.

Other corners of the internet host robust applicant tracking systems which integrate with your own. They allow you not only to track and rate candidates but schedule interviews, onboard and track employee performance over time. 

So which is right for you? We compiled ten of our top employer and recruiter services, featuring a variety of unique offerings.


While ZipRecruiter boasts a very comprehensive ATS, it also functions as a large job board. Their basic service provides you with a well-thought-out dashboard where you can rate and follow-up with candidates. You’ll also get your job posted to over 100+ different boards. This means you’ll get a lot of eyes on your posting immediately. 

The platform allows you to promote on all your social networks for free, cross-post to the LinkedIn job marketplace, and customize screening questions for potential candidates. While you can try it out for free for four days, the basic plans start at $249 a month.


Working on a small budget? Lucky for you, posting a job ad on Indeed costs $0 to start! A basic job post is free, but if you’re looking to get maximum exposure, you must run their ad service, which charges you per click and posts your ad on multiple job boards. While many of the features are like ZipRecruiter, the costs can quickly rack up if you have multiple job posts. It is, however, handy for more international brands as it has an extensive global presence.


The most popular network for professionals is also an excellent recruitment space! Nearly every company out there has a LinkedIn presence, so it only makes sense that the network’s job seekers would browse the platform for a company’s latest news or job offerings.

If you’re looking for a specialized position, LinkedIn is a must for your recruitment effort. Unfortunately, the cost, which can reach well into the thousands, may be prohibitive for smaller companies.


Let’s be real, not every job out there is a salaried position. If you require candidates who can work hourly, SnagAJob is a solid choice to look for your next employee. 

The platform is especially useful if you’re in a service, retail, or hospitality-related industry. With an $89/month fee, it’s one of the less expensive job boards out there.

AngelList Jobs

Not all companies are made equal. If you’re a startup, a traditional job marketplace might not be the right fit for your recruitment efforts. Luckily, the popular startup community AngelList also hosts a job board. Unlike traditional job boards, you can customize compensation packages to include company stakes and stock options instead of just a straight-up salary.

The site requires employers to be transparent about all compensation, so come prepared.


No recruitment list would be complete without this gem. Craigslist comes with its share of problems, but at a range of $0-$75 per job post, depending on your metro area, you can’t get any better for local entry-level talent.

Because the platform contains no screening tools and functions only like a job board, you will most likely receive many applications that aren’t relevant to your post. Be prepared to sift through a lot of non-relevant resumes and emails.


While many visit the site for its reviews of employers, Glassdoor boasts an extensive job marketplace. The benefit here is potential candidates can see your company’s details, reviews, and company culture through your Glassdoor company page. This allows you to get closer job culture matches.

If you have many positive Glassdoor reviews, it makes sense to post a job on their board. A standard plan with one job slot post starts at $199 a month, while premium starts at $249.


Perhaps one of the earliest job boards out there, the company launched in 1999 and has an impressive database of resumes. While it doesn’t post jobs on other forums, many other job sites actively pull postings from Monster.

One job post for 30 days starts at $375, which is fairly pricy. This gets you the posting, an email blast, access to 20 selected resumes, and a management system. As a small business, the pricing might not make sense unless you’re not having luck with any other platform. For a larger business, the bulk discount pricing and a wide candidate pool might make recruitment efforts easier.


Looking for an experienced professional with high technical capabilities? Ladders caters to professionals actively looking for six-figure job roles. This kind of access comes at a high price, however. Pricing starts at $597 a month for full access to candidates and job posting capabilities.

A downside? The candidate pool isn’t as large as some other sites, but you’re getting a much more specialized offering. 


Because Careerbuilder has direct relationships with the majority of Fortune 500 companies, it attracts a lot of talent to its job board. Like many other job sites, pricing is based on how many posts you purchase, so companies looking to fill multiple positions will receive better pricing in bulk.


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