How Much Is Adobe Illustrator? An Article On Pricing and Features

How Much Is Adobe Illustrator? An Article On Pricing and Features

Business · Apr 18, 2023

Adobe Illustrator is changing the world of vector graphics editing, offering a myriad of features. Illustrator continues to be a leader in design innovation, providing powerful tools and smooth integration with the Adobe Creative Suite. In this comprehensive blog post, we will go into the different pricing plans for Adobe Illustrator, breaking down the iPad version of the software, and some FAQs to aid you on your journey. Don’t forget you can sign up for a free trial to get started now!

Adobe Illustrator Pricing Info

If you are wondering how much Adobe Illustrator is, here are the deets. In 2023, there are two main ways to buy Adobe Illustrator – subscribing to the software through an individual app plan or as part of the All Apps plan under the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription model. Both options provide access to regular updates and new features. Let’s dive into these options. Keep in mind, both plans have free 7-day trials.

Individual App Plan (Adobe Illustrator only)

If you’re solely focused on vector graphic design and don’t need any other fancy tools from Adobe’s arsenal, then this option is perfect for you. The Individual App Plan gives you full access to all of Adobe Illustrator’s amazing features while keeping your wallet happy. Choose between a recurring fee plan with multiple cost tiers based on your commitment duration.

  • Monthly Subscription Plan: The standard pay-as-you-go flexibility at a slightly higher cost per month. The price is $31.49 per month. It’s a good, safe choice indeed.
  • Annual Plan (Paid Monthly): Commitment of one year but billed monthly at a lower rate than the pay-as-you-go option. The price for this plan is $20.99 per month for 12 months.
  • Annual Subscription (Prepaid): Save even more by paying upfront for an entire year. The price is currently $239.88 per year.

All Apps Plan (includes other popular programs)

If you’re looking to become a creative powerhouse, then look no further than the All Apps Plan. This bundle includes not just Adobe Illustrator but also all its siblings in creativity: Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects…the list goes on. With this package deal, you’ll have everything needed to create stunning visuals across various mediums.

The plans are set up the same as the Individual App Plan:

  • Monthly Subscription Plan: The price is $82.49 per month, the most expensive but the most flexible.
  • Annual Plan (Paid Monthly): The price for this plan is $54.99 per month for 12 months.
  • Annual Subscription (Prepaid): The ultimate plan, saving you the most money. The price is currently $599.88 per year.

Adobe Illustrator for iPad

Are you tired of being chained to your desktop while working on your creative projects? Break free from your desktop and take advantage of the powerful features of Adobe Illustrator on your iPad. The mobile version offers users an intuitive touch interface, seamless integration with desktop counterparts, and access to many essential features that make it easier than ever before to create stunning designs anywhere inspiration strikes.

Touch Interface & Mobile Features

The Adobe Illustrator for iPad is designed specifically for a touch-based experience. Using either your fingers or an Apple Pencil, the user-friendly interface of the app for iPad enables you to draw shapes, edit paths and apply gradients with ease. Quick Actions let you do frequent tasks with swift motions, making it easier than ever to work on the go. Plus, let’s not forget about the convenience of having all these tools right at your fingertips wherever you go.

  • Easily draw shapes and edit paths with finger or Apple Pencil
  • User-friendly touch interface optimized for iPads
  • Quick Actions simplify common tasks through gestures
  • Create stunning designs anytime inspiration hits – no desk required

Integration with the Desktop Version

Gone are the days when transferring files between devices was a hassle. Adobe has made sure that their mobile app works in perfect harmony with its desktop counterpart. You can start a project on one device and continue working seamlessly on another thanks to cloud syncing via Creative Cloud libraries. And if you’re worried about compatibility issues – don’t be. All edits made in the iPad version will appear correctly when opened in Adobe Illustrator on Windows or MacOS computers.

  • Seamless file transfer between iPad and desktop versions
  • Cloud syncing via Creative Cloud libraries
  • No compatibility issues when switching devices
  • Create on-the-go, refine at your desk – the choice is yours

In a world where creativity knows no bounds, it’s only fitting that Adobe Illustrator follows suit. So go ahead, grab your iPad and start designing wherever inspiration takes you. With Adobe Illustrator for iPad in hand, there’s nothing stopping you from conquering the creative world.


Is there an Adobe Illustrator 2023?

Yes, Adobe releases annual updates to its software suite, including Illustrator. The latest version available would be referred to as Adobe Illustrator 2023 or simply “the latest version.” Keep an eye on Adobe’s official page for announcements regarding future versions such as Adobe Illustrator 2023 or later.

What is the new feature in Adobe Illustrator 2023?

Adobe Illustrator 2023 introduces a range of new features, including improved performance, enhanced collaboration tools, and better integration with other Creative Cloud applications. One notable addition is the Live Shapes feature that allows for easier manipulation of shapes without losing their original attributes. For more details on these updates, visit Adobe’s official website.

How much is Illustrator 2023?

The cost of Adobe Illustrator depends on your chosen subscription plan. The Individual App Plan costs $20.99 per month (annual commitment), while the All Apps Plan starts at $52.99 per month (annual commitment). Students and educators can avail discounted plans starting at $19.99 per month for all apps access. Volume licensing deals are also available for businesses.


In conclusion, Adobe Illustrator 2023 is an essential tool for any creative professional, with multiple pricing options. It is a great choice for those in the creative industry, offering an extensive array of capabilities to help produce amazing visuals with ease. For those looking to save money, you can start with a free 7-day trial and see if it’s right for you!