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Everyone wants the perfect job, but few want to spend the time and effort to create the perfect resume. Unfortunately, competition for jobs is only getting fiercer. While it isn’t easy to up your credentials or experience overnight, you can absolutely overhaul your resume in just a few days. Now before you procrastinate on rebuilding that resume so you can apply to that dream job, we have good news: the MyPerfectResume Free Trial is here for you.

There’s a website service for everything in our tech-driven world, and now a resume builder tool is one of them!

What Is MyPerfectResume?

The resume writing process is challenging. It can seem almost overwhelming, especially when you need that shiny new resume as quickly as possible.

Maybe you’ve just accepted a new job and want to look for better opportunities. Perhaps you just lost your job and want to get your career back on track. Whatever the case might be, you need a quick resume solution. If you find yourself in this situation, then you can increase your job prospects and decrease your stress with free resume builder tools like MyPerfectResume.

How Does It Work?

MyPerfectResume boasts that they can generate fully customized resumes in the blink of an eye. With their custom resume builder, you’ll feel like they’ve created the perfect resume just for you. Does MyPerfect Resume actually deliver on its promise? We took their online resume builder out for a spin to see how smoothly it works and whether it’s worth your time.

It offers many types of resumes, including executive resumes, consulting resumes, medical resumes, and more. You can even try before you buy because it provides a free resume critique. The critique will help you fix the most glaring flaws in your resume.

When it comes to finding work, your resume is everything. A good resume will ensure that you land a job interview, and a bad one can get you ignored. If you aren’t happy with your current resume, then it might be time for an upgrade.

What’s Included in the Subscription Price?

With all the good news about this resume builder tool, you’re probably thinking, “Sounds great, but is MyPerfectResume free?” Though they aren’t technically a free resume builder, it offers their service for a greatly reduced 14-day trial. As in, it’s only $2.95 to try it. When it comes to a resume, that’s a low cost to pay for scoring the perfect job.

With this trial, you can print and download material with no limits for 14 days—that’s a lot of resumes, which means many job opportunities!

With a MyPerfectResume trial, you’ll also be able to create unlimited resumes and cover letters. You’ll definitely have a chance to score the perfect job with a resume builder tool like MyPerfectResume. 

How Do You Get a MyPerfectResume Trial?

Are you excited about getting a resume makeover in only a few minutes? In that case, you’ll be even more excited about how easy it is to get started using this resume builder tool by MyPerfectResume.

 Important Facts About Your Trial 

  1. Find your way to the MyPerfectResume website to sign up.
  2. You’ll need a billing card and an email address to sign-up. 
  3. You can cancel your subscription to the service at any time, either online or by phone.
  4. Not happy with your resume results? MyPerfectResume will refund your money if you’re unsatisfied during your 14-day trial.

Sign Up Process

Step 1: Begin your MyPerfectResume trial.

The perfect resume can’t wait. Find your way to the MyPerfectResume website where you’ll get to work on your resume before anything else. Priorities, people!

It’s important to know that you’ll need to finish the sign-up process to download or print the resume you build on the homepage. 

Step 2: Build Your Resume.

You won’t have to worry about buying this resume builder tool blind—MyPerfectResume starts their sign-up process by having you test their resume building tool.

You’ll get to use their templates and try out some fantastic options they offer for taking your resume from great to perfect. 

Step 3: Finish Your Resume and Sign Up.

Once you’ve tested out the basic resume builder tool, MyPerfectResume will prompt you to create an account and sign-up to one of their subscription plans to go any further. 

In the form provided, you can input your email and set a password. Next, you’ll receive an email that confirms your account so you can get started with the significant features that MyPerfectResume offers.

Step 4: Finalize Your Account and Payment Plan.

You’ve got your account confirmed, and you’re ready to take that job search seriously. All that’s left to do is pick your plan and payment method. On this page, you can choose the 14-day full access trial for only $2.95. If you already love MyPerfectResume and know you want the full array of tools for as long as it takes to get that perfect job, the Monthly Access option offers a massively discounted up-front payment rate.

Choose your plan and head to the next page. On the payment page, you’re only one step away from completion. Just enter your payment details and click “Get Your Resume.” 

You’re ready to hit the job market!

How to Cancel Your MyPerfectResume Subscription

MyPerfectResume is exactly what you need to get an edge on the stiff competition in today’s job market. Landed that perfect job with the resume? Luckily, canceling your account is much easier than creating a resume. 

If your time with the resume builder has run its course, then head over to your account and find the menu. You can cancel online from your account or by phone if that’s easier. You can cancel at any time, but if you’d like to avoid getting charged the full rate, be sure to cancel before your 14-day trial is up. 

With MyPerfectResume, you’ve got a secret weapon on your side to face the competition for the best job. The extra effort that it shows employers goes a long way (of course, those sleek-styled resume templates to do)!

Ready already? Go ahead and sign up for your MyPerfectResume Free Trial.


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