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MyHeritage states that it is a site dedicated to helping you learn more about your family history. With the use of family trees and historical records, MyHeritage parses available information to give you insight into your ancestry. With tools like a family tree builder and smart matches from historical newspapers, MyHeritage can streamline your family history in many helpful ways. The site also offers DNA tests and records. Who knows what you’ll do with all the new information you find? See below for more information on how to sign-up for MyHeritage’s free trial.

Learn About Your Family History: Sign Up for a MyHeritage Free Trial Today

Have you seen the advertisements on social media? Do you want to make instant discoveries about your family? Are you looking to explore your family tree? Then MyHeritage might be the platform for you. The site combines the deep nostalgia of your family tree with historical records that help you learn more about your ancestry. You can do this in a web browser or the MyHeritage app to review your records and smart matches. On top of that, you can use a MyHeritage free trial to explore your family tree free of charge.

What is MyHeritage?

If you don’t have access to historical records, death certificates, family photos, and yearbooks, it can be difficult to piece together your family tree. Whether you’re looking to discover new relatives or learn more about your family story, it can also feel overwhelming to do all the research on your own. Instead of poring over marriage records and historical records to create a family tree builder, you should let a genealogy website do the work for you. That’s why MyHeritage is so popular in the U.S.

MyHeritage is a popular app that allows you to look at family tree profiles from your mobile phone or web browser. You can review records, check for record matches, and expand your family tree and trace your history outside of the United States. On top of that, there’s also MyHeritage DNA, which uses DNA results and matching technologies to learn more about your family tree and your DNA matches.

Even though MyHeritage and the MyHeritage DNA kit aren’t free, you can still explore some of the site’s new features and beginner tools when you sign up for a free trial of the service. You’ll need a credit card and your email address at the ready. If you want to find new relatives and test new features, here’s how to sign up for a MyHeritage free trial.

Step One: Provide some general information.

General Customer Information - My Heritage

Before you can expand your family story and find new relatives, you need to enter some basic information about yourself. On the MyHeritage homepage, you’ll need to enter your name, email address, and biological sex. This page will also ask you about your mother, your father, and their respective last names and maiden names. While this seems like a fair amount of personal information to request before you get started, it’s all to help you find success when you build your family tree. For further upload opportunities, you can provide as much or as little information as you feel comfortable with.

You also have the option to sign up for the trial period through your Google or Facebook accounts. To do so, click the appropriate button at the top of the signup form. For our purposes, we’re going to fill out the form with personal information before we move on. Whether you have the requested information or not, once you’ve filled out the required fields, you can click the orange button at the bottom of the form that says “Continue.”

Step Two: Enter your credit card information.

My heritage CC form

On top of the request for contact information and account details, you’ll also need to enter your credit card information before the free trial commences. This is to verify that you’re able to follow through with a subscription should you keep your membership beyond the trial period. You can upgrade to a paid membership at any time. It’s also easy to cancel if you choose to do so. When you’ve entered and verified your card information, you can click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the form.

Step Three: Complete the final confirmation.

Final Confirmation - My Heritage

In some cases, the MyHeritage web browser site will want to verify your phone number before you can continue on to the free trial. If you see the final confirmation screen, you’ll need to complete a small code verification. To start, find the correct country code. In the United States, this is +1. Then, you’ll enter your area code in one field and your seven-digit phone number in the second. When you’re ready and have your phone on hand, click “Call Me Now.”

When you click the green “Call Me Now” button, you’ll receive an automated phone call from an 801 area code. When you answer, the automated voice will tell you a code. Either remember the code or write it down, and return to the confirmation webpage. Enter the code in the appropriate field, and click the green “Next” button.

Step Four: Enter family information.

My Heritage - Family Info

The next few pages will ask for some information about your mother and father’s parents. The page will ask their names, maiden names, dates of birth, country of birth, and checkbox asking whether they are still living. Fill out these pages to the best of your ability. If you don’t have any information, you can enter it later on. Do this for both sets of parents, and then click the orange button that says “Done.”

Step Five: Take a look around.

For a few seconds, you’ll see a webpage that says “Researching your family.” Once the MyHeritage app has compiled enough information, you’ll see a view of your family tree. While there will inevitably be gaps, the site will fill out your family tree with the information you provided. You can explore relatives, order a DNA kit, or look for additional information to add.

When you want to explore your family story, it’s hard to know where to start. Whether it’s deep nostalgia or a desire for knowledge, MyHeritage seeks to use historical records and record matches to help meet your ancestry needs. The next time you’re in the mood for instant discoveries about your past, turn to MyHeritage’s free trial.


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