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What is Match.com?

Match.com is one of the largest and oldest dating services on the internet, helping bring together like-minded individuals across the globe looking for either casual, short-term, or long-term relationships. Whether it be love or lust, the Match.com Free Trial could be your savior.

With over 21 million members worldwide, Match impressively boasts that, of couples that meet online, 30% meet through Match’s dating service alone. Not a bad success rate at all!

Users have the freedom to browse through others’ profiles and contact members with no limits on connections. With its user-friendly interface, simple messaging platform, and intuitive search function, Match in many ways is a super social dating platform; think Tinder meets Facebook!

So if you are looking for love, then it may just be on the horizon. Signup for your 3-day free trial and dive into the online dating world today.

Who is Match.com for?

There was a time long long ago when online dating had a negative stigma attached to it. Oh but how far it has come!

Not only has it shaken off its old stigmas, but in the last decade, online dating has exploded in popularity and emerged as a vital part of modern culture. Think about it! You’re expanding your reach for a potential partner to include TONS of people that you wouldn’t otherwise see in your day to day life! Why limit yourself?

So who is Match.com for? Well pretty much anyone who is trying to find a partner in life, whether that may be casual, short-term, or long-term in nature. Match.com of course is also ideal for anyone in the LGBTQ community as well.

With a dating demographic breakdown of roughly 49% men and 51% women, the world of online dating is growing daily. So, If you are looking for some fun OR something more serious, then we highly recommend giving it a shot.

Match.com Main Features

  • A personalized profile which will appear in the search results
  • Communicate via Email, Text, or Call.
  • See who Likes you or has Viewed your profile.
  • See photos of one another
  • Showcase your interest by Liking
  • Search for Matches
  • You’ll gain priority access to Match.com Events
  • Remove members that you’re uninterested in
  • Receive daily matches

How much is Match.com?

There are three packages available to those wanting to sign up to Match.com after the free trial expires:

  1. Full Price Plan. If you just want to sign up for Match.com for one month, the cost is $35.99.
  2. Standard Plan. You can choose from two standard plan options which are the 3-month standard plan option, costing $19.99 per month, and the 6-month standard plan costing $17.99 per month.
  3. Value Plans. There are two value plan options as well. The 3-month value plan is $23.99 per month, and the 6-month value plan costs $19.99 per month. The value plan offers additional benefits.

Is the Free Trial Version the Same as the Full Version?

The free trial unlocks nearly the full functionality of the dating site. There are of course some additional features that are not available, but you’ll have a full understanding of the service through the free trial alone.

One thing you can’t see with the free trial is who has viewed your profile. You’re also unable to send or receive direct messages within the free trial version. Lastly, there are some advanced filters on the search function that you can only access with a paid membership.

All that said, the free trial period is perfect for those wanting to explore what Match.com has to offer. You’ll come away knowing fully well whether this dating site is right for you.

How Long Does the Trial Last?

The Match.com free trial lasts 3 days total. Should you decide to continue, the trial will convert automatically to pay for the selected package you selected upon initial sign-up [more details below].

How to get a free trial on Match.com: Details of the Free Trial

Here’s a step-by-step walkthrough on how to get a 3-day free membership on match.com

Step 1: Enter your Zip Code/Post Code.

Step 2: Choose who you are looking for.

Step 3: Enter your email address.

Step 4: Choose a password.

Step 5: Enter your birthday.

Step 6: Enter your first name.

Step 7: Choose your package.

Step 8: Enter your payment details.

Remember, the subscription will automatically charge your payment option if you don’t cancel before the free trial period ends (3 days). If you wish to cancel, simply log into your account and cancel.

We recommend using the service as much as you can during the free trial period! Most feedback on Match.com is that people get quickly hooked!

So, Is match.com worth it?

We say definitely! As one of the leading online dating sites in the world, you have a good chance of finding either the love of your life or at least something casual or fun on Match.com. We give it a big thumbs up!

What have you got to lose? Sign up today and be sure to thank us at the wedding!


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