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Are you searching for a fun, engaging, and effective way to boost your child’s learning journey? Look no further! The Learn With Homer app is here to revolutionize the world of early childhood education. This personalized learning platform is designed for children aged 2 to 8, offering a comprehensive curriculum that covers reading, writing, critical thinking skills, and more! With a proven track record of increasing early reading scores by 74%, Homer is undoubtedly the best early learning program for your little one. Let’s dive a little more into the app and talk about their free trial offer.

What Is Learn With Homer?

In a nutshell, it’s an all-in-one educational app that features thousands of interactive lessons, games, stories, and songs tailored to your child’s age and learning level. This playful learning approach, combined with a personalized curriculum, ensures that your child remains engaged, focused, and excited about learning.

Homer App Features

One of the key features that set Homer apart is its personalized learning journey. These are crafted by considering your child’s unique interests, age, and learning level. You can easily customize their experience by selecting interests such as space, sports, vehicles, princesses, dinosaurs, or animals.

The Homer Method, developed by experts, is a research-based, four-step approach that transcends rote memorization. It aims to build confidence, promote problem-solving, and foster a lifelong love of learning. With Homer Learn & Grow, you can be confident that your child is receiving the most effective early learning program available.

Learn With Homer Pricing

When it comes to Homer pricing, you have two affordable options. The annual plan costs $4.99/month, billed yearly at $59.99. Alternatively, you can opt for the Lifetime plan, available at a special price of $99.99 (50% off!), ensuring you never have to pay again. Imagine the savings you’ll make over the years as your child continues to benefit from this fantastic learning platform!

Homer Free Trial

Homer’s free trial gives you unlimited access to the Learn & Grow app, allowing up to four child profiles, offline activities, printables, and expert resources and tips for 30 days. With Homer, you can finally enjoy screen time that is genuinely beneficial for your child’s growth and development.

The Learning Journey That Grows With Your Child

The Homer learning journey comprises various subjects, each designed to nurture specific skills:

  • Reading: A step-by-step pathway leading to literacy
  • Math: Building blocks for math confidence
  • Social & Emotional Learning: Tools for enhancing social skills, empathy, and confidence
  • Thinking Skills: Brain games for big thinking
  • Creativity: A space for imaginations to run wild

Fun Early Learning

The Homer app also collaborates with Sesame Workshop, incorporating the much-loved Sesame Street characters to help kids navigate big feelings and everyday challenges. This unique partnership combines Homer’s four-step learning framework with Sesame Workshop’s expertise in nurturing confident, curious, and kind children.

Start A Learn With Homer Free Trial Today!

Ready to embark on a phenomenal learning journey with your child? Start your Homer free trial now and unlock the incredible potential of this award-winning educational app. Don’t miss out on giving your little one the best start to their learning adventure!

Try Homer today! Start your free trial and witness your child’s transformation into a confident, curious, and kind learner.


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