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In the last several decades, we saw nearly every facet of our daily lives gain an online presence. Whether it’s banking, socializing, shopping, education, or entertainment, we turn to the online world for almost every aspect of our lives today. Every new service now requires a strong password, ideally generated by a password manager. This is where Keeper Security steps in to help.

While there’s nothing wrong with harnessing the incredible power of a technology like the internet, it does pose an entirely new security risk that we’re still learning how to manage. Unlike locking your doors or keeping track of your documents and payment methods, losing control of your login credentials by getting hacked online requires a new type of vigilance.

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Making sure your personal information and essential accounts stay secure requires fighting fire with fire—that’s where password managers like Keeper Security come to the rescue.

What Is the Keeper Security Password Manager?

Keeper Security is a password manager application that contains multiple ways to store and protect your passwords. Typically, this involves storing passwords in an encrypted database. When it comes down to storing passwords, many programs, including Keeper Security, share similarities. However, there are some crucial differences between them, and when it comes to your security, every detail matters. The best password manager will be the one tailored to your needs. 

There are the experts who know what they’re doing, and there are the unschooled passers-by who have no idea. That’s why a security password manager like Keeper Security is such a helpful tool for everything from email, website access, tracking, backup, file storage, and even protecting your work computer from hackers.

How Does Keeper Security Work?

If you’re looking for some extra security but aren’t exactly sure where to start, then we’ve got a little guide to help. Especially when it comes to a business password manager, providing access while keeping information secure is crucial. 

Keeper Security is a free app for managing company accounts and assets. It allows employees to save all their company-related information in a single place. It is vital to maintain a series of credentials whenever sensitive data is accessed. Unsurprisingly, password management tools have become critical components in an organization’s security posture. 

Additionally, business owners are increasingly concerned about data security, as confirmed by many recent high-profile hacks. With every successful business functioning at least partially in the online world, password manager programs like Keeper Security offer peace of mind with breach monitoring services that provide a push notification when a breach occurs. That’s excellent news for any organization managing its own security. Above all, keeper Security offers BreachWatch, which “performs unlimited scans on unlimited employee devices” to make sure no breach of security gets missed. 

What’s Included in the Keeper Security Subscription Price?

Are you feeling more secure already just reading about the features Keeper Security offers? Don’t worry, there’s more. With a 4.9 out of 5 stars rating in the App Store, you can trust this security software has a lot to offer. 

Some of the robust security features you can rely on Keeper to provide are: 

  • Encrypted vault for every user
  • Folders and subfolders
  • Shared team folders
  • Access from unlimited devices
  • Policy engine and enforcements
  • Security Audit
  • Activity reporting
  • Team management
  • Basic Two-Factor Authentication (SMS, TOTP, smartwatch, and FIDO U2F)

Keeping your information guarded is a serious task where every corner cut increases your risk. In other words, whether you require a personal, business, or enterprise password manager, you shouldn’t accept anything less than a comprehensive approach to security.

How Do You Get a Keeper Security Free Trial?

Good security is one of those essential aspects of life that can’t wait—and we won’t make you wait any longer. Even major enterprises face massive security breaches that result not only in money loss but also reputation loss. Ensuring you’ve got every base covered when it comes to security is a top priority. 

Keeper Security wants every business and individual to feel the calm of knowing their handwork is well protected. Luckily, the company offers a free trial to quickly and easily get full use of its security suite.

 Important Facts About Your Password Manager Free Trial 

  1. Head over to the Keeper Security free trial page to sign up.
  2. You’ll need an email address and phone number to sign-up. 
  3. You can easily buy a subscription for Keeper from your dashboard. The software doesn’t require billing details upon sign-up, so you won’t be charged even after your trial ends. After all, could a company really be the best password manager if their trial wasn’t risk-free? 

Keeper Security Sign Up Process

Step 1: Begin your Keeper Security free trial.

Getting started with Keeper Security is simple. You can find their free trials on the Keeper Security home page, where you can choose the plan that best suits you. Keeper Security has a plan for your specific needs, whether you’re searching for a simple and basic password manager app, a business password manager, or an enterprise password manager. 

First, select the version of Keeper Security you need and input the required details into the form provided. Next, you can click to go to the next page and set your master password. Just remember that this is the one password you do need to remember (though you can set a recovery security question), as Keeper Security doesn’t maintain knowledge of your passwords—exactly how we like it!

Step 2: Set Up Your Account.

Once you’ve entered your details, you’ll receive an email from Keeper Security with a verification code to confirm your account. Security first! Input the code into the form on the Keeper Security website, and it’ll take you to your shiny new (and super secure) dashboard. 

Here comes the fun part—you’re ready to test drive all those tantalizingly secure features from one of the best password manager apps around! On the dashboard, you can access all the different goodies like Keeper’s security audit and BreachWatch.

Step 3: Use The Educational Resources.

What makes Keeper Security stand out is its massive effort at consumer support and education. You can easily access an on-demand demo video from the top bar on your dashboard. Here, you can gain a general walk-through to make sure you get the most out of this powerful security solution. 

Keeper Security has a long list of features to ensure you’re getting the protection you need no matter what industry you’re in. Moreover, you can opt for a live demo by stopping in for one of Keeper’s weekly live demos with an expert. 

Need the whole security enchilada? Suppose you need a business password manager or enterprise password manager for 50+ employees. Luckily, Keeper offers customized demos to ensure you received custom security protocols tailored to your organization’s unique needs. 

Extra Keeper Security Features Offered in their Password Manager

Sometimes saving passwords isn’t enough to keep you secure in our digital age. If you’re wondering which password manager app is the best, then Keeper Security would rather show than tell. Additionally, Keeper has a list of powerful add-ons! You can add extra security to your sensitive information for only a few extra dollars. 

Keeper Chat

One popular option for those seeking a business password manager is the KeeperChat option. Sending sensitive information via insecure communication methods is too risky today. KeeperChat protects communication with extra secure encryption on all devices. 

Advanced Reporting & Alerts Module

Nothing feels more secure than real-time alerts and customized reports. With Keeper Security’s Reporting and Alerts Module, you’ll have integration into third-party SIEM services for incident response and the ability to track over 75 security events. Only your own personal CIA team could offer more security than this password manager app. 


With BreachWatch, your nightmares about an unknown breach will come to an end. This feature from Keeper Security monitors the dark web for breached accounts. It quickly alerts you of any security risks so you can act fast to protect yourself against harm from hackers. Offense is the best defense, after all. 

If you’d like a little more peace of mind in your life, then a password manager like Keeper Security is designed to let you focus on things besides a security breach. In short, with their personal tools and supercharged business password manager, Keeper Security ensures you can protect your business and never hassle with resetting a password again!


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