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The last year has shown that more and more people need dedicated, reliable remote access services, both for themselves and their businesses. With more companies turning to remote work options and investing in distributed teams, you need to ensure that every team member can securely access critical information and systems without being physically present. That’s why so many brands depend on remote desktop access systems and programs. These enable users to gain remote access to host computers without compromising brand security. This helps business owners enable their teams to work from home and avoid quality compromises highlighted by other solutions. Continue reading for a guide on how to signup for GoToMyPc’s free trial.

GoToMyPC enables remote computer access with the appropriate access code. A host computer connects to the GoToMyPC customer account and facilitates remote computer access. GoToMyPC regularly features special offers, promotional emails, and discount opportunities, especially if you’re willing to use your email address to sign up for a mailing list. Beyond that, though, GoToMyPC also offers a free 7-day trial. This is a great way for a prospective GoToMyPC customer to explore the remote computer access features, monitor user activity, and empower their small businesses. Whether you use Mac OS and Safari or you’re on an Android device, there are ways to start a GoToMyPC session, as well. To learn more about the remote access software, here’s what you need to know.

Remote Computer Access: How to Sign Up for a GoToMyPC Free Trial

If you want to test out GoToMyPC, you’re in luck. Not only does GoToMyPC offer a free trial of its remote computer access platform, but it also doesn’t require a credit card. In fact, the entire signup process is incredibly streamlined, especially as far as similar services are concerned. GoToMyPC, a subsidiary of LogMeIn, values its users’ time and streamlines GoToMyPC account setup for quicker remote desktop use.

What is GoToMyPC?

With more businesses in need of easy remote access and global customer support, it’s no surprise that many are turning to temporary access platforms. However, many of these platforms on the market don’t offer the best performance. Few boast the same reliability that GoToMyPC does, either. GoToMyPC aims to make its network setup process as painless as possible, from entering account information to downloading the free app. With this, it’s easier to transfer files, manage your help center, and perform network administrator tasks, all from a home computer connected to the host computer. It’s also simpler to familiarize yourself with remote access best practices. You can also learn how to set access codes, invite users, and review ongoing application activity as you need it.

LogMeIn, Inc., the corporate headquarters, is located in Boston, Massachusetts. The brand regularly focuses on product updates for GoToMyPC account holders and mobile app updates for ease of use. It also regularly looks for ways to improve host computer connectivity and streamline file transfer. In addition, the brand aims to make every GoToMyPC session as clear and intuitive as possible.

The desktop shortcut or mobile app doesn’t matter if you’re using Android devices, Windows computers, or other mobile devices. So wherever you are in the U.S., you can quickly and conveniently connect to the host computer for a GoToMyPC session. That’s why you might want to sign up for the brand’s streamlined free trial period.

Step One: Visit the GoToMyPC website.

Thankfully, if you’re short on time, signing up for the GoToMyPC service requires mere minutes. While you’ll choose a username and set passwords later, for now you simply have to visit the GoToMyPC website. This is where many GoToMyPC users go when they need to review the brand’s privacy policy, make a personal connection to the customer service team, redownload the desktop shortcut from the app store, or review your plan functions.

Start by visiting the GoToMyPC homepage. For the signup, you can do this from your personal computer. On the right side of the web property, you’ll see a small signup form. The top half typically advertises a paid plan signup with its “Get Started” button. Below that, however, you’ll spot the 7-day free trial signup section. There’s a blank field that asks you to enter your email address. Go ahead and do so. You’re then ready to click the green button that says “Try Now for FREE” to proceed with the signup process. Keep in mind that, unlike some services, clicking the button also means that you’ve read and agree to the terms of service as well as the brand’s privacy policy.

Step Two: Enter additional information.

Once you click that green button, your trial will begin. Really, it’s that simple. However, the application will ask you for a bit of additional information before you can start fully exploring everything that GoToMyPC has to offer. For starters, there will be a pop-up form that asks for your first name and your last name. Fill this out and then click the button. Next, the site should notify you that your password has been changed. This may seem strange since the form didn’t ask you to set a password, to begin with, but that’s because GoToMyPC uses an automated password generation system.

If you check the email address you used to sign up, you should have an email from GoToMyPC containing your password information. The email will mention that GoToMyPC recommends you change your password as soon as possible. Most GoToMyPC users change their passwords when they first log into the service. However, if you don’t have the time or don’t want to, you can change your password at any time. Remember to save the email containing the current password, however.

You should also have one more email from the remote access service. This is a simple welcome email that has some startup information for new customers. If you’d like, you can read through some of the email’s tips or follow some video tutorial links. The video tutorials are excellent for new users and can help you get started with the service. You can learn more about its reliability, how to conduct a file transfer, what dual passwords are, and how 128-bit AES encryption benefits you when you’re using an access code-based service. Now, you’re ready to see what GoToMyPC has to offer.

Step Three: Explore the application.

Once you’ve completed the signup process, entered your information, and checked your email, you’re ready to start experimenting with GoToMyPC’s capabilities. First, you’ll start on the general user dashboard. On this dashboard, you’ll see an overview of your connected devices. This will provide you with links to add your computers, update connected devices, and remove outdated devices. This dashboard also provides immediate information about your selected plan. Since you’ve chosen the free trial option, this will say as much at the bottom of the screen. Next to this, there’s a link to change your plan. If you need to stop your GoToMyPC free trial or you’ve decided that you’re ready to commit to full membership, you can do so from here.

GoToMyPC is a helpful remote access software service that makes it easier to manage your connected devices and host computers remotely. It wants to be the perfect tool for distributed brands that need remote access models. You can download it from the app store and connect it to the devices on your wi-fi networks. With access codes, firewalls, and other security options, GoToMyPC hopes to make it easier for brands to connect, collaborate, and remotely engage with their work. Sign up for the GoToMyPC free trial to see what the service can do for your business.


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