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GoToMeeting is a video conferencing platform that is built with online collaboration in mind. It uses smart integrations and tools to boost all your online meetings, webinars, and digital connectivity. This user-friendly video conferencing software is a must for many employers trying to navigate remote work environments. GoTo products give you a simple kit of tools to enhance all of your communications.

A Better Way to Collaborate: How to Sign Up for GoToMeeting’s Free Trial for Employers

Do you need a better video meeting software platform? Does your brand struggle with reliable conference calls? Do you look forward to online video meetings, or do you dread them? If you want the best meeting experience for you and the attendees, it’s a good idea to sign up for the GoToMeeting free trial. This 14-day trial allows you to explore the platform’s dashboard, get answers to common questions, and check out some of the great features of this secure web conferencing solution, such as remote access, intuitive hardware, and mobile app compatibility. The best part? You don’t even need a credit card.

What is GoToMeeting?

When you’re managing nimble teams in remote locations, it can be difficult to get quick answers, push recent product updates, and mark action items. This is true even when you’re following best practices. Plus, many business owners struggle with complicated IP conference calls and don’t always choose secure apps that protect users from advanced threats. That’s why the GoTo platform is so important. It takes the conference room online.

GoTo products like GoToWebinar and the online meeting platform offer a streamlined solution that can improve business outcomes. Instead of juggling a handful of disconnected programs to conduct webinars and connect with attendees, you can enhance your collaboration with the suite of GoTo products. Whether you’re a presenter, an attendee, or an executive decision-maker, this platform can change the meeting dynamics in many positive ways.

While the service isn’t free and offers several subscription tiers, there is a useful free trial that will give you a close look at how the operating system works. You can also use the trial to review any promotions or special offers from the brand. Since it’s browser-based, you also don’t have to worry about your own operating system or the system requirements. As long as you can run a video chat, you’re good to go.

If you’re ready to start your trial period, here’s what you need to know.

Step One: Click the “Start for Free” button.

Start for Free GoToMeeting

When you visit the website’s homepage, it’s pretty easy to get to the free trial area, even if you’re looking on a tablet screen or mobile device. In the top right corner of the screen, you should see two different buttons. One says “Sign In,” which would take you to a login page. The other says, “Start for free.” Give that button a click, and you’ll be ready for the next step.

Step Two: Add the necessary personal information.

Personal Info - GoToMeeting

Though this platform doesn’t ask for a lot of personal data, you still need to give out your email address and full name. You also have the option of providing a phone number and a job title, though these aren’t requirements to proceed. You’ll need to create a password on this screen as well. Once you’ve decided on a suitable password that you can remember (or let your system suggest one), you can then choose the size of your company. This helps the platform determine what features might benefit you the most and also gauges the sizes of the companies that are interested in this online meeting software.

Step Three: Verify your email address.

If you’ve filled out the form, and you’re ready to go, you can click the orange “Sign Up” button at the bottom. This will prompt a pop-up screen asking for a code. This is where some of that personal data comes into play. The email you put down on the signup form determines the destination of that required code. Go to your business email or personal email, and look for a message from LogMeIn. LogMeIn Inc. is the GoTo brand’s parent company, so don’t worry that you’re being spammed.

When you open the LogMeIn email, it’ll have a six-character code. Take that code, and enter it into the pop-up on your free trial signup page. This will then give you access to the dashboard.

Step Four: Start collaborating in your workspace.

Workspace - GoToMeeting

After you activate your trial period, you’ll start to head to the dashboard. Before you can tinker with all the platform’s many useful tools, you’re going to have to accept the site’s terms of service. This will inform you about the privacy policy, how the brand will use your personal data when the trial ends, and more. If you’re looking for productivity tips, this isn’t the place to go. However, it does provide beneficial information. If you want, this is a great time to review the privacy policy in-depth. When you’re ready, agree to the terms of service, so you can go to the dashboard.

When you reach the product dashboard, you’re immediately presented with a variety of options. Whether you’re working on white papers, crafting SMS campaigns, or setting up Salesforce integrations, there are plenty of platform applications that you can use. In many ways, the GoTo platform goes far beyond simple video conferencing capabilities. With the ability to better connect with those in your organization, you can rethink how your company communicates.

Connect with your team members when you sign up for GoToMeeting’s free trial for employers.

Free video conferencing platforms aren’t reliable enough. The footage is grainy, the mic doesn’t pick up words, and team members struggle to communicate. Instead of relying on platforms that won’t help you succeed, a free trial of a GoTo product can help you collaborate with your team members more effectively than ever before. No matter the size of your business, this platform has tools that can help you succeed.


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