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Operating a business is no easy feat, especially when juggling emails, calls, and messages on the go. Imagine having a unified inbox for all your messages and a second phone number to keep your work and personal lives separate. GoDaddy SmartLine and Conversations are here to the rescue for anyone seeking that perfect balance between work and personal life. Let’s talk about the GoDaddy SmartLine free trial and other must-know deets.

What Are GoDaddy SmartLine and Conversations?

You may know GoDaddy as a domain name marketplace or website builder, but the company offers so much more. GoDaddy SmartLine is a unique service that provides a second phone number for your business, enabling you to separate your personal and work lives. This service is perfect for anyone seeking privacy and separation in their personal life.

GoDaddy Conversations, on the other hand, is a unified inbox that consolidates all communication channels, including calls, text messages, and social media. This single inbox enables you to view, respond to, and manage all your messages without switching between apps. Conversations also include a Business Call & Text channel that mimics GoDaddy SmartLine, providing the second phone line functionality along with a unified inbox.

GoDaddy Smart Line and Conversations allow you to add a second business phone number to your smartphone without needing another device. The business phone app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, and you can choose your area code and number. The service operates over cellular data or Wi-Fi via VoIP, allowing you to make and receive calls and messages just like any other phone number, but with the added advantage of separating work and personal life. All you need is an internet connection. Plus, you can customize your voicemail greeting, set business hours, and have the Caller ID display your business number instead of your personal one.

How Do They Work?

GoDaddy SmartLine is a virtual phone number service that helps you keep your personal phone number private while offering a second phone number dedicated to your business or side gig. Designed for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and freelancers, this service allows you to make and receive phone calls without revealing your personal phone number. The GoDaddy second phone number functions like any other phone number but is a virtual number hosted in the cloud. Cloud phone systems are the way to go for ultimate versatility.

Access these communication tools through the GoDaddy phone app and choose a local or toll-free number that fits your business needs. After selecting a number, set up a custom voicemail greeting, and enjoy additional SmartLine features such as voicemail transcription and email delivery of those transcriptions.

Additionally, the GoDaddy Conversations app offers powerful insights and features for managing customer interactions effectively. Organize your business chats, categorize conversations (e.g., ‘new leads’, ‘current customers’), and never miss a message again, ensuring you don’t lose any sales opportunities.

Key Features and Benefits

GoDaddy SmartLine and Conversations cater to modern businesses, enabling entrepreneurs to manage communication and messaging platforms, monitor calls and messages, and stay connected with clients through a single phone app—no need for a new device.

One key benefit of SmartLine is its ability to project a professional image for small business owners. A separate phone number establishes a distinct brand identity and credibility with clients.

SmartLine and Conversations offer numerous useful features, such as custom voicemail greetings, MMS messaging support (videos and pictures), and setting business hours to receive calls only when you’re working. These features significantly contribute to efficient and effective business operations.

Another advantage of GoDaddy SmartLine and Conversations is the option to choose a new local (United States) or toll-free number. Whether you need a local number for your area or a 1-800 number to appear more professional, GoDaddy has you covered.

Sign Up For A GoDaddy SmartLine and Conversations Free Trial

GoDaddy SmartLine and Conversations are ideal for small business owners and entrepreneurs wanting to separate personal and business communications. This business phone service provides a dedicated second phone number and a unified inbox without requiring a separate phone or line, keeping your personal number private while maintaining a professional business image.

A GoDaddy SmartLine free trial is an excellent opportunity to explore the platform and app. The 7-day free trial grants access to all SmartLine and Conversations features, allowing you to select a local or toll-free number during the trial.

Getting started is easy with three simple steps: sign up for the 7-day free trial (with a $9.99 per month charge after the trial ends), download the Conversations app by scanning the QR code sent to you or enter your mobile number to receive the download link, and choose your new business number, while connecting additional channels to unify your inbox!

The Conversations mobile app keeps your business and personal communications separate, even on the go. Receive notifications for new calls or texts and conveniently manage them from anywhere. Experience increased productivity and professionalism with the SmartLine GoDaddy free trial.


GoDaddy SmartLine and Conversations offer the perfect blend of convenience and professionalism for business owners. These tools empower users to focus on their goals without the added stress of managing multiple communication channels. Why not give GoDaddy SmartLine and Conversations a try? Sign up for a free trial today and experience the benefits firsthand. With these tools, your peace of mind and business efficiency are just a call or message away. And, as always with GoDaddy products, world-class help resources and support teams are at your service.


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