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It’s never been a better time to take your health seriously. If you’re shopping around for fitness options, then you might’ve come across a popular service: ClassPass free trial

Luckily, there is no shortage of glowing ClassPass reviews out there right now. But you might wonder what ClassPass is before you decide whether you want to sign up for a ClassPass free trial. Is it a gym? Is it a coaching program? ClassPass is a lot simpler (and more satisfying) than you might think.

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What Is ClassPass?

ClassPass is an online subscription-based service that allows you to take classes at a vast range of fitness studios, wellness studios, and outdoor activities for a flat monthly rate. There are over 1000 studios in ClassPass’s network all around the world.

A simple way to think about ClassPass is to consider it a tool that allows you to join multiple gyms in one membership. The benefits of ClassPass include low cost, no contracts, and the ability to try new workout classes.

The best part? You can try a variety of classes all over the world. Many studios offer Yoga, Dance, Pilates, Surfing, Kickboxing, and even Swimming.

How Does ClassPass Work?

If it’s not a gym and not a coupon service, then how does ClassPass work exactly? This service gives you one membership that lets you attend every participating at-home workout or in-studio class without having to join different programs. Basically, ClassPass adds some simplicity to your desire for a diverse workout experience. 

In other words, ClassPass is the new way to workout! Instead of keeping track of lessons and times, you pay a flat fee that grants you access to an entire online library of classes. They’re available whenever, wherever, and however you want—and they keep improving!

Let’s face it, getting out of bed and into your workout clothes for that early morning class is tough. But once you’re there, the classes keep your heart pumping and the air flowing. Now you can train whenever it works for your busy schedule—and reward yourself for your efforts at the spa with a post-class massage or facial.

Yes, you can even use ClassPass for beauty and spa services to reward yourself for that super intense workout. This will be your new obsession—and it’s a healthy one!

What’s Included in the ClassPass Subscription Price?

You might think, “Sounds good, but is ClassPass worth it?” When you get to try workouts from thousands of options, from intense HIIT programs to restorative yoga sessions, you’ll be a ClassPass convert in no time. 

ClassPass pricing offers a lot of flexibility to accommodate your workout schedule, starting from 10 credits to give you three classes for just $19 per month and increasing from there to offer more classes based on your needs. Though, it’s important to note that ClassPass pricing varies based on your city since these prices account for the prices of the local spots in your area rather than a one-work-out-fits-all program.

To make your workout planning even easier, ClassPass lets you add credits as you need to throughout the month. If you don’t use all your credits, then up to 10 will roll over each month. Simple!

How Do You Get a ClassPass Free Trial?

Don’t worry, we’re getting to the good part: a ClassPass free trial. If you’re ready to up your fitness or want to try some new workouts to keep exercise exciting, then a ClassPass free trial is a great way to test drive this cool service. 

Important Facts About Your Free Trial 

The membership is only $15 per month and has no commitment of any kind. Give it a 30 day trial period! Test the site out, get a feel for your workout habits, see how many classes you go to each month, and decide whether you would like to stick around.

Sign Up Process

Step 1 Begin your ClassPass free trial.

To get started with your fitness frenzy, head over to the ClassPass free trial web page. You’ll be able to check out extra info about ClassPass and begin the sign-up process here.

Just click on that bright blue button to begin.

Step 2: Set Up Your Account.

You must first input some necessary details, like your email address, name, and phone number. Use a number where you can receive confirmation codes. Once you’ve got that done, you’re on to the next sign up step.

Input the details for a billable card into the field provided, and you’re only a few clicks from starting a fresh new workout routine. 

Start ClassPass Free Trial
Start ClassPass Free Trial

Step 3: Confirm Your Account and Start Sweating

Once you’ve inputted all your details, you must confirm your account by setting a password. This step is easy. Just check your email for a link from ClassPass. Click that link to set up your password back on their website. 

That’s it—you’re officially confirmed and ready to get to sweating in some fun new fitness classes! With tons of variety and options for all levels of fitness, you’ll have just as much fun searching for exciting new workout options as you will getting that satisfying workout in a little more often. 

How to Cancel Your ClassPass Subscription

ClassPass is addictive once you get started. Having a nearly endless variety of workout options makes staying active so much easier. For this reason, your ClassPass free trial makes it easy to become a member—just do nothing! ClassPass will switch you to a paying account once your trial is up. 

However, if you decide you’re not feeling the burn, you can easily cancel your membership and avoid being charged. Just make your way over to their website’s membership section, where you can find all your account details. 

From here, you’ll be able to cancel your ClassPass free trial before it ends and avoid being charged for staying on board. Pretty easy, right?

You’ve got your ClassPass free trial, and you’re ready to roll with some exciting new workouts. If you’re still shopping around for ClassPass reviews, check out our reviews to learn if this new service is right for you.

With the ability to book lots of new local classes both in the studio and online, plus the easy-to-use system that makes all those complicated contracts and pricey memberships a thing of the past, we have a feeling you’ll fall in fitness love with this convenient and cost-effective service.

If you’re ready to kick 2021 into high gear and start your fitness off right, check out ClassPass today to find the perfect workout class match for you.  


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