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Traditional gym memberships have a lot of new competitors these days. This has been true even before COVID-19 made the idea of a crowded building full of sweaty people sharing equipment a little less appealing. This is where the BeachBody On Demand Free Trial comes in.

Over the past decade, we’ve seen a steady rise in apps and websites that tailor-make fitness programs for individuals. The options are so varied that you can now get attention and fine-tuned programs that mimic the benefits of having a personal trainer. Some apps and websites even give you access to a personal trainer.

Everywhere you look, you’ll find fitness experts and gurus offering fitness advice—what the best exercise is, the best yoga pose, the best amount of time to work out, and when. Instagram and Facebook show a barrage of fit people who inspire and teach you to be a better you.

One of the most prominent programs out there right now is BeachBody on Demand.

What Is BeachBody on Demand?

BeachBody on Demand is a fitness and multi-level marketing company that started in California. Multi-level marketing means that people who sign up as coaches can also sell memberships to the site and earn money.

You might have heard of their most famous and successful program, P90x. The fitness routine continues to be very popular, as it combines cross-training with nutrition and dietary supplement plans.

The popular Shakeology program is also a part of the company that owns BeachBody on Demand, and members can add this to their membership packages. However, it is not included in the free trial offered.

The drinks in this program are similar to meal replacement or protein shakes. These aren’t just some basic shakes though, they come in varying flavors and even offer vegan options for those who reject milk products. They are relatively low in sugar and probably healthier than many other protein shakes available on the market.

Why You Need BeachBody on Demand in Your Life

A lot of us are looking for new ways to work out now. Even traditional gym rats can benefit from the option to exercise outside the gym. Though with all the benefits of BeachBody on Demand, it’s likely you’ll want to say goodbye to expensive gym memberships entirely.

BeachBody on Demand has over 1500 different routines! That’s a massive amount of options and may seem overwhelming to some. But not to worry—BeachBody on Demand has a program selector that helps people find the perfect program for them by choosing things like fitness level, time of the workout, and even the trainer. This way, you can select the type of activity you want very easily without scrolling through hundreds of workout routines. You can focus on whatever kind of exercise you wish since BeachBody on Demand offers many ways to workout, all led by motivated instructors. Their videos are even subtitled!

There are many different membership options to choose from. You can sign up for 3 to 6-month memberships or annual memberships. BeachBody on Demand gives you many different paths to reach your fitness goals.

BeachBody on Demand also has their app available for iPhone and Android, so even if you aren’t around your computer, you can get your workout directly on your phone or tablet. Not only that, you can download workouts and watch them later offline in case you don’t have internet access. You can also stream to your smart television using all of the most popular streaming television options.

There are many other aspects to your BeachBody on Demand membership. You can check out expert training tips on their blog and use calendars to track your progress. You can get meal planning advice. BeachBody on Demand offers a lot more than most traditional gyms.

Here’s How You Can Try BeachBody on Demand for 14 days Free

BeachBody on Demand currently offers a 14-day trial, which is plenty of time to start feeling the fitness-forward effects. 

Their 14-day free trial isn’t billed immediately, so if you find that you can’t get the time to work out, you can cancel the membership. The rest of their membership packages differ in this regard, though many come with a money-back guarantee allowing for a refund if you cancel before a certain time. Note that their membership packages with Shakeology included do not refund shipping and handling of the product.

 Important Facts About Your Free Trial 

  1. You’ll need to sign up for an account with BeachBody on Demand.
  2. A credit card is required to sign up.
  3. The 14-day free trial is part of the 3-month membership, but their website explains you won’t be billed until the 14 days are complete.
  4. Some of the other membership options do bill you when you sign up but allow you to cancel anytime and receive your money back.

Sign Up Process

Step 1: Begin your BeachBody on Demand 14-day free trial.

Click Here to start your trial. Here you can read about all the benefits of your membership.

Click “Get Started.”

Step 2: Select Your Plan

This page will let you pick your plan. The third plan from the top is the 14-day free trial plan. Select that plan.

Step 3: Create Your Account

You will be asked to fill out some necessary information like your name and email. 

You will also be asked to enter a valid credit card at this point.

You’ll see your order summary when you’ve finished, and you can click “Place Your Order” at the bottom of the screen beneath a couple of checkboxes. Click this if you’re ready to proceed.

Step 4: Start Working Out

You’re ready to use any of the over 1500 exercise routines BeachBody on Demand offers, receive free health and nutrition advice, meal-planning, and enter the ranks of one of the largest online communities of health and fitness enthusiasts.

How to Cancel Your BeachBody on Demand Membership

If, after trying out BeachBody on Demand, you want to cancel, you can do that through their site or by phone.

Sign in to your account using your account information, which is your email and password.

Find your BeachBody on Demand order or Renewal Date and click “Select for Details.”

You can then select “Cancel Membership.” Then click “Yes, Cancel BBOD.”

There is an important option to consider. You can “Cancel Future Billings,” which will still give you access to the app and its full use until the end of your billing cycle, or you can click “Cancel Now,” which will end your access to the app and website but if you enrolled in a plan with a money-back guarantee it would begin the refund process.

If you don’t like using the computer to conduct real business, you can always call BeachBody on Demand’s customer service number 1-800-470-7870. Do keep in mind that if you used a mobile app or steaming device to sign up, a customer service rep can not help you with the cancellation process.

It’s reasonably easy to use the website to cancel, and it’s unlikely you’ll need to use the customer support number, though it is nice to see a company give consumers the option to talk to a real person.

Enough of all that! If you haven’t already, start your BeachBody on Demand Free Trial today!


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