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In our world of multitasking, it only makes sense that audiobooks would be our next great obsession. Lots of us are listening to our books instead of reading them because of ease, accessibility, and multitasking ability. The Free Trial presents plenty of benefits, including more time to enjoy reading when we otherwise couldn’t, plus extra learning time, too. 

Print books will probably never go out of style since there’s just something a little unique about holding a book in your hand. Still, audiobooks are here to stay, and even the most traditional bibliophile can’t deny the ease and convenience of audiobooks.

Audiobooks make staying up to date with your favorite author easy. That’s because you can do other things while you listen, finding time to “read” while you do chores or get in some yoga sessions. Plus, some of us learn better from hearing than reading.

If you’re looking for a way to get into audiobooks, one of the biggest and oldest audiobook purveyors on the internet right now is With a domain name like that, you know has been around since the beginning. 

What Is started as Simply Audiobooks in 2003—aka, the internet equivalent of the Stone Age. Back then, they delivered audiobooks on CDs through the mail. For some of us old enough to remember, it’s how Netflix used to work too. 

Fast forward to today, and now Simply Audiobooks goes by That also happens to be the name of their website as well. And you don’t have to wait for the mail to get your audiobooks anymore, of course not! Now, all your audiobooks are delivered over the internet for download to your home computer, smartphone, or tablet. They even have the app that makes listening easy.

Why You Need in Your Life has been around a long time, and as a result, they’ve had plenty of time to perfect their product.

They offer audiobooks in all the popular genres, from science fiction to romance, bestsellers, and the classics. Not only do they have new titles and many of your favorite author’s complete works, but subscribers can also listen to over a million different podcasts for free using their website or app.

Their app is easy to use and works on both Android or Apple. You can choose to listen using the app on your phone, so you can take audiobooks with you anywhere you go. You can also just listen at home or on your laptop without using the app. gives you the choice of how you want to listen and when.

Their monthly subscription model gives you one free audiobook of your choice plus a bonus audiobook from their VIP category. Additionally, they have thousands of audiobooks to choose from you can listen to for free.

They also have another option to listen to for fans of specific genres. You can use your credit to join their Audiobook Clubs. There are eight of them as of the time of this writing—”Best of” Audiobook Club, Romance, Mystery & Thriller, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Health & Wellness, Business & Economics, Kids, Religion & Spirituality. The great thing about this option is that you can listen to as many books that you want within a single club for just one credit. 

That kind of flexibility is what makes superior to many other audiobook platforms.

Got a big family of audiophiles? They also offer a Family plan, which lets you share audiobooks.

Here’s How You Can Try for Free is currently giving new users who try their site three free audiobooks just for signing up for their free trial. Two from their list of bestselling authors and new releases and one from their VIP list.

Download your free books and enjoy them. In case you want to cancel, makes it super easy, and you won’t be charged as long as you cancel before the 30-day trial is up.

 Important Facts About Your Free Trial 

  1. You will sign up using your email or through Google, Facebook, or Amazon.
  2. You will need a valid credit card to begin your free trial.
  3. If you choose not to keep your subscription, you can cancel anytime.

Sign Up Process

Step 1: Begin your free trial.

Click here to start your trial. Once you get there, search for and click the button that says, “Get Your 3 Audiobooks for Free.”

Step 2: Sign up for Your Account.

The next page will ask you to create an account.

You can do this by using your email and creating a password for your account. Alternatively, lets you create an account using your Facebook, Google, or Amazon account information—the choice is yours. 

Step 3: Use Your Free Credits and Download the App

The next page lets you access links to download the app. You don’t have to download the app, but it does make it easy to listen to audiobooks while away from your home. It also means you can listen using your app and then switch to your home computer later, and keeps your place, so you don’t have to worry about scrolling to where you left off. We all know the dread and difficulty that comes from losing your place in a book!

Whichever you choose, you will now see that you have credits ready to use.

Step 4: Download Your Audiobooks

Here’s the fun part: you’re ready to download whatever audiobooks you’d like from the massive list of titles has for you.

You’re done! Enjoy your audiobook listening and shiny new membership. If you don’t alter your membership, you’ll be billed in 30 days, and your credits will be refreshed, so you can keep feeding your audiobook addiction.

How to Cancel Your Membership

After how quick and easy audiobooks make getting your reading done, you’ll probably find that you want to keep your membership with There are so many books to choose from, and their website is user-friendly!

However, if you decide you don’t want to continue your free trial or decide to cancel in the future, it’s a process as easy as listening to an audiobook.

Just login to your account at

Click on your name. This will take you to the account page.

You’ll see a button that says, “Cancel Your Account.” Click on that.

You’ll see a pop-up window that tells you what you’ll be missing if you choose to complete your cancellation. If you’re sure you want to cancel, click on “Yes, give up my member perks.”

A pop-up window will tell you that “Your account was successfully canceled.”

You won’t be signed out of the site at this point. At the top right, you will see a button that allows you to reactivate your membership. You can also come back any time, use your login information to access your account, and reactivate your account.

It’s always a sign of a strong company when they let you sign up for a free membership so easily. The three audiobook offer is one of the more generous deals on the internet right now. And these aren’t public domain books you can find anywhere, but bestselling novels and other popular works. keeps their technology relevant and, more importantly, serves its customers with an easy to use website and a vast collection of books, podcasts, and membership options. Now, treat your ears to some audiobook goodness by starting your Free Trial today.


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