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Everyone has that one family story about an ancestor or bloodline with historical significance. Maybe your grandma announced a distant ancestor once met Gandhi, or your uncle claims your lineage stems to a little-known indigenous tribe. Perhaps your mother believes one of your distant relatives took part in a historical event. Whatever the family myth is, the Free Trial is the way to uncover it.

What is

You’ve probably seen those movie-like commercials with past customers reveling in their new-found family members or joyfully sharing a deepened connection with their ancestry. If you have, you might be more familiar with than you realize.

This service is a simple website that offers the product of….you. is the world’s most extensive collection of family history records. This comprehensive service lets you trace your genealogy and build out your family tree. You can also opt to use their DNA service, which uses your saliva sample to narrow your ancestry to specific geographic locations within countries! That DNA sample can also be used for‘s health service, which provides detailed data on your health and ties that information into your family health history. 

We know, you’re already sold; what could be a better use of your money than discovering more about who you are? 

Why You May Want to Try for Free

Whether you’re a history lover or just curious about your family history, is the gift that keeps on giving (yes, even if that gift is just for you). One of the many reasons you’ll want to give this free trial a go is to see just exactly how much exciting information you can discover about your personal history. allows you to build a timeline and see where your own family was during some of the world’s major historical events. You’ll also be able to find distant relatives and possibly fill in the missing pieces within your family tree. lets you play private detective, but for your own history, which is a much more satisfying reward. 

Here’s How to Try for Free

Getting started with your search into your family tree’s archives is now much easier than it once was. Rather than do all the searching yourself, you can sign-up with and let them do the hard part for you.

Their free trial is simple to start with, just follow our guide, and you’ll be finding new family members soon enough. 

Sign Up Process

Step 1: Go to

Visit, where you’ll find the homepage and plenty of exciting details about the possibility of uncovering your family tree. 

Locate the button offering a 14-day free trial and click “Start Now” to head over to the next step.

On the following page, you’ll find more information about signing up with and the different methods they use for helping you build your family tree. Find the “Start my free trial” button at the top of the page and click through to the next page. 

Step 2: Finish Signing-Up

On the next page, you’ll find a form where you can create your account. Fill in the details and click the “Continue” button at the bottom of the page.

Once you’ve made your account, the next page will present you with three different membership options that each contain their own benefits. The lowest cost membership will give you access only to records within the United States, while the next membership tier offers international records as well. The highest tier includes additional memberships to services that will take your ancestry search to the next level, including access to over 142 million old newspaper articles gathered in a database and historical military records as well. 

Choose your membership and press the “Start my free trial button” to move on to the next page. 

The next page will show your order summary for the membership you’ve chosen, including the cost that will be charged if you decide to get serious about uncovering your family tree.

On the bottom of the page is a form to fill out your payment details. Enter the information required so you can head over to the good part—finding your family members! Order Summary

How to Cance Your Free Trial

Though the search for long-lost family members is a fun adventure, you might decide now isn’t the time to dig up your family tree. If you want to cancel your trial, don’t fret—it’s just as easy as signing-up.

Starting from your dashboard, head over to your account page by clicking your name in the toolbar at the top of the page. That click will open up a drop-down menu where you’ll be able to click “Your Account” to get to the cancellation page.

Once you’ve landed on the account page, you’ll see all your account details in the top menu, and beneath that, you’ll find your payment and membership details. In that membership menu, click the text in the bottom-right corner that says “Cancel membership.” 

That click will open the next page, asking you to reconsider leaving your search behind and offering a survey to understand your reason for canceling.

With a service this expansive and rewarding, has a lot of motivation for keeping its customers. Depending on your survey answer, you’ll be offered options for keeping your membership. If you still decide to cancel, just proceed by clicking the “Cancel my membership” button. 

Once you click the last cancellation button, you’ll open a page confirming you’ve canceled your membership. The website will send you a cancellation confirmation email as well. Simple!

You’ve officially begun your search for family using the Free Trial. For as simple as signing-up and using this service is, you wouldn’t imagine the kind of adventure it offers in helping you find your history. 


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