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Amazon Prime Free Trial: From Free Shipping to Prime Video

Amazon is Free to Use, so Why Go Prime? has grown to be the World’s leading E-commerce platform. At its start, Amazon was in the business of selling books online but overtime sold different items on their website. It took Amazon over 5 years after its Initial Public Offering to become profitable . Nowadays Amazon has a net worth about one TR illion dollars thanks to Amazon Prime.  


Even today is free to use. One can buy almost anything using Amazon; however, shipping will cost money or extra time. So let’s explore what users get for switching over to Prime.


Before we jump into all the good info, we want to be 100% transparent with you here at We are Amazon Associates, which means we earn commission from qualifying purchases on our site. It helps us keep the lights on, and we wouldn’t be here without you - so thanks!! Okay now moving on…

Prime Shipping and Delivery

One of the oldest features offered by Amazon is Free Shipping. With a non-Prime account, you can get free shipping for select items. These items take anywhere between 5 to 8 business days to arrive. 

With Amazon Prime , subscribers will get unlimited free two-day shipping for over 10 million items. If two days isn't quick enough, Prime members can have specific items shipped the next day for Free. But they don't stop there.


Free same-day delivery is possible in some areas of the United States for select products. As if that isn't fast enough, those who live in larger cities may have local products delivered within two hours with Prime Now. Why stand in line on release day when Prime offers Free Release-Date Delivery at checkout for qualified items. With the Release Date Delivery feature,  your package will be delivered on the release day by 7 pm. 


Amazon Prime members do not even need to be home to receive their purchased items. Key by Amazon is an app that gives members more control over their delivery. Once you have the app on your smartphone, you can select in-car delivery at checkout. Make sure your car is parked in a publicly accessible location and expect it to come within four hours. 


Many people are worried about not being home when their packages arrive. As an Amazon Prime customer, you can get your packages delivered without worrying about them being stolen while you are away from home. 


Amazon Prime members can have their items placed into their home. Amazon has teamed up with Ring and Schlage to offer smart and secure entry for in-home delivery . If you not comfortable having in-home delivery you can select to have your items placed inside of your garage. Both delivery options come with a surveillance camera and are controlled using the Key by Amazon app.

Prime Pantry

With Prime membership, you can buy books, groceries and everything in between. In 2017 Amazon bought Whole Foods and since opened their online grocery store. Prime Pantry has many of the same goods any Whole Food store but for purchase at your fingertips. For members only, all orders over $35 come with free shipping in select locations.

Alexa Voice Control

As if shopping couldn’t get any easier, now you can do so without lifting a single finger. With the use of Amazon’s virtual, voice-activated assistant named Alexa. Here are a few other things you can do with Alexa :

  • Make a phone call
  • Control your smart home
  • Control your smart garage, lights, and even thermostat
  • Ask questions and get answers
  • Get the news and weather reports
  • Entertain yourself and your kids
  • Play games
  • Find Easter eggs. 
  • Alexa can tell jokes
  • Play Trivia
  • Set timers
  • Get fit 
  • Check on your Fitbit stats
  • Get nutrition ideas and info
  • Control your TV.
  • Play music with Spotify

What Else Comes with Amazon Prime?

Prime Stream

Amazon may have started in, but they have taken the world by storm with their streaming services. With an Amazon account, you can access top-notch content. Let's see what you can stream with your membership.

Prime Video

At no extra cost, you can watch exclusive Amazon Originals along with thousands of movies and TV shows. You will also be able to watch Amazon Originals. Here are some of the best Amazon Original Series, according to Digital Trends :

  • 'Bosch' ...
  • 'Comrade Detective' ...
  • 'Goliath' ...
  • 'The Grand Tour' ...
  • 'The Man in The High Castle' ...
  • 'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' ...
  • 'New Yorker Presents' ...
  • 'One Mississippi'

Twitch Prime

If you are a gamer who likes using Twitch, then you should check this out. Prime subscribers can get bonus games, free in-game loot, exclusives, surprises, new offers, and channel subscriptions every month. Unfortunately, ad-free viewing, which was once a part of the Twitch Prime benefit is no longer available. However, all other perks remain.

Prime Music

If you are a fan of music like most people, stream it. With an Amazon Prime membership, you can stream well over a million songs ad-free anywhere and offline. You can even listen to your music on an Echo device by asking Alexa to play what you wish to hear.


Enjoy free Audible Channels with your Prime membership. This includes original audio series and playlists made to match your interest. All that is need is the Audible app, and you can start listening.

Prime Reading

Sticking with their roots, Amazon started selling the Kindle so that people can read their books digitally and have their library with them at all times. The first version of the Amazon Kindle was launched in 2007 and has become more user-friendly at a fraction of the cost.


As a Prime member, there is no limit to how much you can read. Choose content from over a thousand books, short works, magazines, books with Audible narrated books, children's books, and, comics for no extra cost.

Amazon Photos

Now that everyone with a smartphone has a camera in their pocket, the demand for storage is high. As a member, you can have unlimited photo storage to backup your photos. With this feature, you can also share your pictures or see them on all of your devices.

Prime Rewards

Amazon also offers its own credit card. Members who qualify can apply and receive an Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card or Amazon Prime Store card and earn 5%. You can also get the Prime Reload debit card and get 2% rewards by reloading your Gift Card Balance which never expires.

Rarely Mentioned Perk

Multiple family members can share most of the features offered by Prime membership. A single account can serve multiple devices for streaming purposes. For purchasing, a single account lists multiple payment options and shipping addresses. Let’s just keep this perk our little secret.

Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is a day you ought not to miss. Like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, Amazon Prime day is one of the largest commerce discount holidays in existence. You can find a discount on just about any product available and these deals last for 36 hours as opposed to the standard 24 hr window most retail outlets offer.

Amazon Prime Pricing

  • The current Prime membership price is  $119 for 12 months for a one-time payment. A monthly payment option is available.
  • You can pay by the month for $12.99 per month
  • For students, membership is $59 for 12 months or a one-time payment.  A monthly payment option is available.
  • Students that choose to pay monthly will pay $6.49 per month. 

If you are curious and not ready to commit there is a trial of Amazon Prime. To register for a Free 30-day trial period potential members must create an account and provide a valid credit card.

Main Competitors


In the media sector:

  • Netflix 
  • Time Warner Cable 
  • Apple's iTunes
  • Google Play Store

Amazon has several competitors in the retail and merchandise sector:

  • Best Buy
  • eBay 
  • Family Dollar
  • Staples
  • Target 
  • Walmart Inc. 
  • Big Lots
  • SysteMacs

More general competitors: 

  • Alibaba Group
  • LightInTheBox Holding Co.
  • PCM, Inc.
  • Vipshop Holdings Ltd. 
  • Wayfair Inc.
  • Zulily