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Phone Required has grown to be the world’s leading E-commerce platform. Whether you’re searching for the latest skincare product, an obscure book on philosophy, or just a shiny new flat screen, Amazon is the website everyone finds themselves on. Most people know of Amazon’s humble beginning as an online book retailer—a far cry from their endless inventory today. After a little over five years after its Initial Public Offering, Amazon officially became profitable. Amazon is still profitable, but that seems like a modest term to describe a business that now has a net worth of about one trillion dollars.  Let’s dive into the Amazon Prime Free Trial.

How did Amazon go from chucking books online to a global dominion? One word: Prime. Amazon is still free to use today for pretty much anything your heart desires, but without that coveted Prime membership, you’ll be paying shipping fees and waiting for standard shipping times like it’s the 90s all over again. 

With an Amazon Prime Free Trial membership, the time between “I want” and “I have” is majorly minimized. As good as that sounds, it’s not the only reason people go Prime. Let’s dig into what an Amazon Prime membership offers today.

Before we spill the details on Prime, we want to be 100% transparent with you here at, we’re Amazon Associates, which means we earn commission from qualifying purchases on our site. That commission helps us keep the lights on, and we wouldn’t be here without you— so thank you! Now let’s get into all the Prime Free Trial goodness. 

Amazon Prime Dashboard

Prime Shipping and Delivery

Humans aren’t the most patient of animals. Life is short, and there’s no shame in wanting that new candle or phone case as soon as you can get it. While online shopping is a great convenience, the waiting is coupled with another unpleasant aspect that has long kept in-person shopping most people’s preference: shipping costs. 

Sure, everyone knows it costs money to ship things, but there’s just something a little irritating about seeing the price you’ve accepted for an item and then seeing that price jump once you get to the checkout page. Part of what made Amazon such a respectable competitor in the retail world is its oldest feature: free shipping. Even without Prime, you can still get free shipping for select items. Though, free or not, these items still take anywhere between 5 to 8 business days to arrive. 

The Delivery Options

Free Two-Day Shipping

Our fast-paced lives fit with Amazon Prime. Members of Prime get unlimited free two-day shipping for over 10 million items. Amazon eliminated the two significant frustrations with online shopping in one motion with Prime. The most addictive part of a Prime membership is the free next-day shipping members can get on eligible items. At this rate, we expect Amazon to be the first company to teleport our purchases straight into our houses; their next feature is the closest we have it. 

Free same-day delivery

Free same-day delivery is available in some areas of the United States for certain products. Amazon Prime has obliterated our willingness to wait for deliveries. Prime Now, a program available in larger cities, offers 2-hour delivery for certain local items. Introverts win when it comes to Amazon; with Prime’s option for free Release-Date Delivery, you can get certain items delivered right to your home by 7 PM on their release date without ever standing in line. 

Key by Amazon

One of the challenges about online shopping is timing your deliveries with your schedule. Rather than excitement over your order, knowing your item is sitting on your front porch unattended all day while you’re at work only induces anxiety. Don’t worry, Key by Amazon is here to help. Once you have the app on your smartphone, you can select in-car delivery at checkout to have your item delivered straight to your car instead. Just make sure your vehicle is parked in a publicly accessible location and expect it to come within four hours. 

In-Home Delivery

Another Prime membership benefit that offers peace of mind is in-home delivery. As an Amazon Prime customer, your packages can be delivered not just to your door but be placed safely within your home. No more free goodies for those infamous package thieves. 

To offer members the highest security and assurance that their products will get to them safely, Amazon has teamed up with Ring and Schlage to provide smart and secure entry for in-home delivery. Both delivery options come with a surveillance camera and are controlled using the Key by Amazon app. If you’re not a fan of allowing access to your home with this option, you can also choose to have your packages placed in your garage instead. Customization is key when it comes to Key by Amazon (sorry, we had to)!

Prime Pantry

With Prime membership, you can buy books, groceries, and everything you’ll probably ever need for five lifetimes. In 2017, Amazon bought Whole Foods and began offering an online grocery store with all the convenience we’ve come to expect. Prime Pantry has many of the same goods as any Whole Food store but without the crowded stores and long lines. Members also get free shipping on all orders over $35 in certain locations.

Alexa Voice Control

Leave it to Amazon to let us feel like we’re living in a utopian sci-fi future. With the use of Amazon’s virtual, voice-activated assistant named Alexa, you place orders while cleaning, carrying your kids, or just lounging on the couch during a lazy Sunday.

Here are a few other things you can do with Alexa:

  •     Make a phone call    
  •     Control your smart home    
  •     Control your smart garage, lights, and even your thermostat    
  •     Ask questions and get answers    
  •     Get the news and weather reports    
  •     Entertain yourself and your kids    
  •     Play games    
  •     Find Easter eggs   
  •     Alexa can tell jokes    
  •     Play trivia    
  •     Set timers    
  •     Get fit     
  •     Check on your Fitbit stats    
  •     Get nutrition ideas and info    
  •     Control your TV
  •     Play music with Spotify

Prime Video

Don’t worry, Amazon isn’t just throwing a few blockbusters out and calling themselves a streaming service. Even the pickiest of film buffs can find what they’re looking for with Prime Stream. Not convinced?

At no extra cost, you can watch exclusive Amazon Originals along with thousands of movies and TV shows. Planning a movie night? Here are some of the best Amazon Original Series, according to Digital Trends:

  •     ‘Bosch’
  •     ‘Comrade Detective’ 
  •     ‘Goliath’
  •     ‘The Grand Tour’
  •     ‘The Man in The High Castle’
  •     ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’
  •     ‘New Yorker Presents’
  •     ‘One Mississippi’    

Amazon Prime Video Dashboard

Twitch Prime

Gamers don’t get left behind by Amazon either. Prime subscribers can get bonus games, free in-game loot, exclusives, surprises, new offers, and channel subscriptions every month. Just keep in mind that ad-free viewing, which was once a part of the Twitch Prime benefit, is no longer available. Every other benefit is still there for the taking, though. 

Prime Music

Music streaming is the way most people spend some time with their favorite tunes. With an Amazon Prime membership, you can stream well over a million songs ad-free anywhere and offline. You’ll also be able to use your Amazon Echo device to play music without any compatibility issues by simply asking Alexa to play your favorite song…again…and again…and again. Don’t worry, Alexa doesn’t judge. 

Audible: Amazon’s Audiobooks

Amazon remembers its book-y roots. With your Prime membership, you’ll get access to free Audible Channels, including original audio series and customized playlists made to match your interests. Just download the Audible app, and you’re ready to listen up a (sound) storm. 

Amazon Prime Audible Dashboard

Kindle: Reading with Amazon

No rundown of Amazon’s offers is complete without a quick mention of their popular product, the Kindle, first released in 2007. For the bookworms among us, Amazon finally made the dream a reality—keeping your entire book collection with you at all times. 

As a Prime member, the only limit to your reading is your own time and concentration. Amazon lets you choose from thousands of books, short works, magazines, audiobooks on Audible, children’s books, and comics—all for no extra cost.

Amazon Photos

We all know the pain of trying to take a picture only to find out your phone has no more storage space. Leave it to Amazon to hear our cries; you can get unlimited photo storage to backup your photos as a member. With this feature, you can also share your pictures or view them across all of your devices.

Prime Rewards

It should come as no surprise that Amazon also offers its own credit card. Not only that, but the card’s benefits are probably more enticing than your current credit card. Members who qualify can apply and receive an Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card or Amazon Prime Store card and earn 5% on purchases. You can also get the Prime Reload debit card and get 2% in rewards by reloading your Amazon Gift Card Balance, which never expires. 

Rarely Mentioned Perk

A little Amazon goes a long way; multiple family members can share most of the Prime membership features. A single account can serve various devices for streaming purposes. For purchasing, a single account lists multiple payment options and shipping addresses. Amazon makes it easy to make one account stretch, but let’s just keep this perk our little secret.

Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day has become as exciting and well-recognized as Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Once a year, you’ll be able to find discounts on just about any product available. Not only that, but these deals last for 36 hours as opposed to the standard 24 hr window most retail outlets offer.

Amazon Prime Pricing

  • The current Prime membership price is $119 for 12 months for a one-time payment. A monthly payment option is available.
  • You can pay by the month for $12.99 per month.    
  • For students, membership is $59 for 12 months or a one-time payment. A monthly payment option is available for this membership too.
  • Students that choose to pay monthly will only pay $6.49 per month.

If you’re feeling curious but not yet ready to commit, you’re the perfect candidate for Amazon Prime’s free trial. You can register for a free 30-day trial by simply creating an account and adding a credit card on file.

Main Competitors of Amazon Prime

Who’s competing with Amazon? While not many companies can say they’ve reached the mind-bogglingly expansive stance Amazon has, some companies hold their ground well. 

Competitors in the Media sector:

  •     Netflix     
  •     Time Warner Cable     
  •     Apple Music
  •     Google Play Store   

Competitors in the Retail and Merchandise sectors:

  •     Best Buy    
  •     eBay     
  •     Family Dollar    
  •     Staples    
  •     Target     
  •     Walmart Inc.     
  •     Big Lots    
  •     SysteMacs   

More general competitors: 

  •     Alibaba Group    
  •     LightInTheBox Holding Co.    
  •     PCM, Inc.    
  •     Vipshop Holdings Ltd.     
  •     Wayfair Inc.    
  •     Zulily    

Here’s How to Get an Amazon Prime Free Trial

With a list as long and enticing as what an Amazon Prime membership entails, we figured you’d want to give it a spin for yourself if you’re one of the remaining few who aren’t already Prime customers. 

Signing up for a free trial of Amazon Prime is easy, just as Amazon makes everything else. Just follow our guide, and you’ll be addicted to that nearly instant shipping time and exceptional customer service that Amazon is known for in no time. 

Important Facts About Your Amazon Prime Free Trial

  1. Your trial will last 30 days, during which you won’t be charged. 
  2. You’ll need a credit card to sign up for your Amazon Prime free trial. 
  3. If you don’t want to keep your trial or be charged, just cancel the membership before the 30-day trial ends. 

Sign Up Process

Step 1: Sign Up for Amazon Prime

Head over to Amazon Prime to start the process of becoming a Prime member. On this page, you’ll find a rundown of all the great features your membership includes. 

You can also click on the “See more plans” option to check out customized versions of an Amazon membership. If you’re a student, Amazon offers a special reduced rate membership and its own free trial.

Amazon Prime Plan Options

Once you’re ready to get started, just click the button that says “Try Prime” and open up the next page to sign up for an Amazon account.

Amazon Prime Free Trial Landing Page

Step 2: Create Your Account

Once you’ve moved forward with opting to try one of Amazon’s Prime memberships, you’re ready to create your account. You’ll be prompted to fill out a short form asking for your name, email address, and requiring you to set a password. 

At this point, Amazon’s top-notch security protocol will send you an email to the provided address with a code for you to enter on the account creation page. 

Create Amazon Prime Account

Step 3: Verify Your Account

Make sure you’ve provided an email address you have access to. You’ll need to check your email to locate the numerical code Amazon will provide to confirm your account. If you don’t have access to the email you entered, don’t fret; Amazon lets you change the email on the account creation page and try again. 

Once you’ve received the code, input that into the account creation form page, and you’ll have officially created your Amazon account.

Verify Amazon Prime Account

Step 4: Join Amazon Prime

Once you’ve made your Amazon account, you’ll be ready for your Prime membership free trial. As long as you’re a newcomer to Prime, you can click on the “Prime” tab in the upper toolbar on Amazon to open up the Prime membership option.

Once you’re on this page, you can move forward with signing up for Prime by providing your payment details and following the instructions Amazon provides for finalizing your membership. 

If you decide to cancel your plan and don’t want to be charged for a membership, just head over to your account settings and membership information where you can suspend your Amazon Prime account. 
But once you get a taste of Amazon’s shipping speed that sometimes seems to compete with the speed of light, we have a feeling you’ll be one of the 112 million Amazon Prime subscribers in the United States today.

Finally, if you haven’t already, it’s time you get started and see for yourself! Start your Amazon Prime Free Trial today.


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