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Adobe Spark Free Trial

Our world currently functions on interconnectedness and social presence. With the rise of so many different social media and communication platforms, it’s hard to keep up with content creation, especially if you’re a brand.

Adobe tries to address this difficulty with the launch of Adobe Spark, an integrated web and mobile solution, providing a platform for visual storytelling and creation.

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What Is Adobe Spark?

If you’re confused by what an “integrated web and mobile solution” means, you’re probably not alone. Adobe Spark is essentially a suite of tools. 

First, there’s Spark Page, which addresses the need for a modern, responsive website design. With this tool, creators can transform any images and text into a beautiful website of their choice, showcasing their creative designs and stories.

Second, If you’re looking for a tool that will help you create stunning social media graphics, Spark Post steps up to the plate to help. The various templates and filters allow even the most inexperienced designers to create attractive and compelling social media graphics.

Third and finally, Spark Video can put all your images and text together to form an animated storytelling experience worthy of YouTube. 

Why You Might Want To Get The Adobe Spark Free Trial

Unlike many other Adobe Creative Suite products, Adobe Spark contains a core starter plan that’s forever free. This is excellent news if you want to start with the plan to try out the core features and learn more. You’ll have access to thousands of free images and designs with this plan alone.

The free trial, and a subsequent subscription, allows you to tap into the exclusive premium section. 

How to Try Adobe Spark For Free

Adobe Spark offers a base free option, so we’ll be getting the basic free account before trying out the upgraded free trial with premium features.

What You Need To Know About Your Free Trial 

  1. Adobe Spark is a free product if you’d just like to use its core features. You will have access to premium features and templates if you try the upgraded version, however.
  2. Unlike other Adobe product trials, like Photoshop and Lightroom, Adobe Spark operates entirely on the web without the need to install additional software or the Creative Cloud.

Sign Up Process

Step 1: Head to the main Adobe Spark free trial page by clicking on this link.

This main landing page not only starts your free trial, but also offers examples of the different visual creations you can make with Adobe Spark. Take a minute to look through the features, and then click on the blue button ‘Get started now.’

Adobe Spark Free Trial Landing Page Screenshot

Step 2: Choose how you’d like to log in.

The next page will ask you to log in with various different methods. Since the base Adobe Spark product is free to use, you’ll find that you’ll need to create your account before you start your trial. 

You can log in directly with your Google account, Facebook, Apple, email, or with your Adobe ID if you already have one. Alternatively, it will offer educator and student options on the right. The product is a popular choice amongst students and educators alike.

For this instruction article, we’ll be using email.

Adobe Spark Login Page Screenshot

Step 3: Create your Adobe account.

If you choose to use your email, you’ll need to create an Adobe ID account on the next screen. Fill in the necessary fields and click next to get taken to onboarding.

Adobe Spark Email Account Creation Screenshot

Step 4: Adobe Spark onboarding.

The onboarding choices that ask why you’re using Adobe Spark will give you templates and designs that closely fit what you’re looking for in the product. You can choose up to three purposes if you plan on using Adobe Spark for various projects.

Scroll down and click ‘Continue.’

Adobe Spark Onboarding Page Screenshot

Step 5: Upgrade to your free trial.

Once you arrive at your main Adobe Spark page, you can upgrade your account to your free Adobe Spark trial by clicking ‘Upgrade’ on the upper left-hand side of the screen.

Adobe Spark Free Account Page Screenshot

Step 6: Choose the individual plan.

The upgraded plan will allow you to do things like personalizing any project with your branding, remove the Adobe Spark watermark, and access premium fonts and templates. The team plan doesn’t offer the 14-day trial, so make sure to choose the individual plan.

The monthly price after the trial is $9.99, but if you’d like to commit to the full year, you’ll get a $20 discount, making the yearly subscription $99.99.

After choosing either monthly or yearly price, click ‘Buy Now.’

Adobe Spark Free Trial Sign Up Screenshot

Step 7: Check out with a credit card.

After filling in your credit card details, click ‘Agree and subscribe.’ The next page will give you a confirmation and prompt you to click the blue button to ‘Get started.’

Adobe Spark Checkout Page Screenshot

Learning More About Adobe Spark

Because Adobe Spark has such a prevalent educator and student user base, they also have a significant number of tutorials and educational material.

Adobe Spark Learn Page Screenshot

Make sure to click on the ‘Learn’ tab on the screen’s left-hand side to discover over 300 articles with inspiration, tutorials, and news about Adobe Spark. 

Enjoy the wide variety of free premium templates and branding resources while you have your free trial. This is the perfect opportunity to create a brand guide if you haven’t had one before!


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