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In our tech-driven times, even those of us who aren’t exactly media pros can enjoy the technical powers offered by a program like Premiere Rush. Whether you’re making funny videos for your friends or a short drama series to build up your acting and directing experience, the Adobe Premiere Rush Free Trial is the best place to start working with video. Let’s dive into why!

What Is Adobe Premiere Rush?

Adobe Premiere Rush doesn’t just share part of its name with the well-known video editing software Premiere Pro coincidentally. You can think of Premiere Rush as a simplified, on-the-go version of the powerhouse software known as Premiere Pro. They both allow for editing video, but the magic of Premiere Rush is that we can use it both on a desktop and a phone. 

Start Adobe Premiere Rush Free Trial

An Adobe video editing software right on your smartphone? That’s right, we’re living in futuristic times where the post-processing for your new short film can happen entirely on your phone. While Premiere Rush doesn’t have every single feature that Premiere Pro does, it’s got more than enough to keep your video editing needs satiated. 

Why You Might Want To Get The Adobe Premiere Rush Free Trial

First off, it’s free! There’s no better reason to test out a famously useful software like Adobe Premier Rush than it being free. Though, there is a long list of other, equally great reasons, like never having to wait until you get back to your computer to test out a new video editing idea. As many creative people throughout history have known, when the moment of inspiration strikes, listening to its call is the best way to keep your ideas fresh. 

Yet, it’s not only serious artists that can get use out of Premiere Rush. Who doesn’t take videos with their smartphone nowadays? With the newest iPhone’s video at 4K video quality, using a video editing software of equal intensity is the best way to get the most out of your phone. Even if you’re just hoping to tweak colors, edit out unnecessary parts of a video, or add text, Premiere Rush makes it easy to do everything from the convenience of your smartphone. 

Whether you intend to use Adobe Premiere Rush on your computer or on your smartphone, you’ll want to experience this streamlined version of a professional-level video editing program for yourself.

How to Try Adobe Premiere Rush For Free

Adobe Premiere Rush is easy to get started with trying out for free. With our easy guide, you’ll be testing this program out in minutes. 

What You Need To Know About Your Free Trial 

  1. Adobe Premiere Rush limits your trial to 3 video exports on the desktop version, meaning 3 videos saved outside of the software. After that, you must purchase a subscription.
  2. The mobile version of Premiere Rush is free and doesn’t limit exports, but has some features restricted that are available only in the paid version. 
  3. Since Premiere Rush offers a free version, you won’t need to enter credit card details to get it or cancel a trial to avoid being charged. Just decide on your own time whether you want to upgrade. 

Sign-Up Process

Step 1: Click here to start the sign-up process for your free Premiere Rush trial.

Once you arrive on the landing page for Premiere Rush, you’ll find information about the program and what it can do. You’ll also see two buttons in the middle of the page, “Buy Now” and “Start for Free.” Adobe offers a free but limited version of Premiere Rush. You can click on the button that says “Start for Free” to get started with your test run.

Adobe Premiere Rush Free Trial Landing Page

Step 2: Enter the requested information to access Premiere Rush.

First, you’ll be prompted to create an account by entering your email, name, and date of birth. Make sure you have access to the email you enter since you’ll need it to manage your Adobe account.

The next page will show a quick survey that asks about your skill level, why you intend to use the software, and who intends to use it. Fill out these details as they fit your situation. 

Once you’ve moved on from that step, a page will appear that begins downloading Premiere Rush to your computer. To download Premiere Rush on your smartphone, you must access the app from which you purchase other apps, whether the Google Play Store or the App Store on your iPhone. 

Create Adobe Premiere Rush Account Page

Step 3: Install the Creative Cloud software.

If you don’t already have Creative Cloud on your computer, Adobe will begin downloading this. Creative Cloud is the hub where all your other Adobe programs are collected. It also contains your account information and useful tutorials for the programs you own.  

Once you’ve downloaded Creative Cloud and Premiere Rush, you’ll be able to access the program from your Creative Cloud hub. On your smartphone, you won’t need Creative Cloud. Instead, Premiere Rush will work just like any other application on your smartphone. 

Download Adobe Premiere Rush Free Trial
Adobe Premiere Rush Creative Cloud

Learning More About Adobe Premiere Rush

Even with a simplified software like Premiere Rush that makes your video editing experience as straightforward as possible, getting acquainted with its many abilities can be intimidating. Whether you’re working from the desktop version of this program or the mobile app, don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. Adobe offers plenty of easy to access tutorials that break down how to make the most of their software.

After you’ve finished signing up for your free version of Adobe Premiere Rush, you can get started creating as many videos as you want on the unlimited export setting for the mobile app and you can do plenty of learning within the 3 exports allowed on the desktop version. 

Adobe has plenty of tutorials available on their website and within the Creative Cloud application — no excuses!

Tutorials for Adobe Premiere Rush

With this program, you won’t have to worry about canceling to avoid getting charged after your free trial expires. Adobe Premiere Rush offers a free version for mobile that’s available with no time limitations, only feature limitations. 

Adobe Premiere Rush Free Trial Plans

If you decide you enjoy making movie magic from anywhere at any moment, you can check out the subscription offers that Adobe has for this software. Once you test out the simplicity and ease of Adobe Premiere Rush, you’ll be making mini-movies non-stop.


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