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Adobe Lightroom is a newer addition to the Photoshop trifecta: Bridge, Photoshop, and Lightroom. If you deal with lots of photos, Lightroom will become your best friend. While Photoshop deals with photo manipulation, Lightroom focuses on photography’s darkroom qualities, such as quick exposure correction, presets, lights and shadows, and overall color correction. There’s a reason the pros say “lighting is everything!” and the best place to become a master is with the Adobe Lightroom Free Trial.

What Is Adobe Lightroom?

As mentioned before, you can think of Lightroom as your digital darkroom. If you’ve ever taken a photography class, you might be familiar with film development. There are shadows to push and pull, cropping decisions to make, and general exposure regulation.

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Important note: Lightroom comes as part of the Photoshop package, so if you want to get a Photoshop free trial, you’ll also be able to trial Lightroom.

Lightroom allows you to quickly get your photo roll in front of you and start picking the photos you’ll be working on. It’s your first step before Photoshop work. 

Once you choose your photos in Lightroom, you’ll be able to crop them however you see fit, organize them, and apply any presets you have to them. If you’ve ever seen Instagrammers and influencers selling Lightroom presets, this is where they come in. These presets apply various settings to your photos to make them look a certain way.

Why You Might Want To Get The Adobe Lightroom Free Trial

If you have an overwhelming amount of photos to go through, Lightroom might be your savior. You won’t know if it’s the right solution for you until you try it, however. This would also be your opportunity to try any presets you might have found. 

Presets are ‘filters’ for your photos that other people create. You can also try your hand at making these presets for your photos to get a uniform look.

This will also be your opportunity to see how much storage you might need. Adobe Lightroom comes with various cloud storage tiers, meaning you can keep all your photos in one place and free up some room on your computer.

How to Try Adobe Lightroom For Free

If you’d like to get your hands on a copy, we compiled step-by-step instructions for sign-up. You’ll also find information on canceling your account and essentials you might need to know about your trial.

What You Need To Know About Your Free Trial 

  1. You can get Lightroom as part of the Photoshop package, so if you’d like to have both, consider signing up for the Photoshop free trial & Photography plan.
  2. You’ll need a credit card to sign up, but the cancellation process is straightforward during your free trial.

Sign Up Process

Step 1: Start the sign-up process by clicking this link.

This landing page starts your Lightroom journey. So, click the above link and press ‘Try for free’ in the middle of the page.

Adobe Lightroom Free Trial Landing Page Screenshot

Step 2: Choose your plan.

You’ll find different plans based on what your purpose is. We’ll focus on individual plans during this sign-up process, but the procedure is essentially the same, no matter if you’re signing up as a business or student/educator.

Adobe Lightroom Free Trial Plans Screenshot

Step 3: Create your account and input credit card details.

Enter your email address on the next screen before clicking ‘Continue.’ You can choose to pay for your plan with a yearly plan or month by month on this screen. Your free 7-day trial will apply to either situation.

There’s no advantage to the yearly payments, so you might want to keep the monthly plan selected.

Adobe Lightroom Free Trial Sign Up Page

Step 4: Install Adobe Lightroom.

The next screen prompts an Adobe Lightroom installation, which will open up the Creative Suite interface. This dashboard contains all your Adobe products and trials. If your download didn’t automatically start, click on the ‘x’ in the top right corner of your Adobe Lightroom prompt in the browser to be taken to the Creative Cloud dashboard. You can install individual programs from the dashboard and manage all your trials.

Adobe Lightroom Installation Page
Adobe Lightroom Creative Cloud Free Trials

Learning More About Adobe Lightroom

Adobe products have come a long way in their journey, and you’ll be able to learn more about the product by exploring the ‘Home’ page where you’ll find ‘Learn’ and ‘Discover.’

Learn provides guided instructions on how to do certain things within the program. Discover allows you to see the steps photographers took to arrive at their end photo results. Both of these will serve as a solid introduction to Lightroom.

Adobe Lightroom Free Trial Tutorials Page

After adjusting your photos in Adobe Lightroom, you can export them to Adobe Photoshop for further manipulation. If you’ve read enough go ahead and get started with your 7-day Adobe Lightroom Free Trial.


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